Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Safety 1st Cabinet Flex Lock

As I mentioned in the baby proofing post, babies are naturally curious.  Once mobile, they will get into anything and everything.  The Safety 1st Cabinet Flex Locks were one of the first things that we tried when baby proofing.

Pros:  These can be used on cabinets that have knobs on them.  It's simple enough to put on, you just put each loop over the knobs and then pull down on the zip to tighten them.  These really are baby proof, Chandler could never and has still never figured out how they work.  This is because you have to push the button in the middle while pushing the one on the side that you want to loosen.  These are also very durable.  We have had a couple for a few years and have never had to replace them.

Cons:  I like the idea behind this product, but they are difficult to  loosen.  You have to have two hands to do it and even then it feels like you are fighting with the product. (Sometimes I would get frustrated and feel like I needed more than 2 hands?  I thought these were supposed just be baby proof and not adult proof too?) I hated trying to loosen and tighten these every time I got into a cabinet.  I finally decided to leave the loops that go around the cabinet a little looser.  I could just pull on side off, get into the cupboard and then push it back on.  Chandler still couldn't get it off.  Although I figured out a way around how hard they are to zip, you shouldn't have to do that with a good product.  There are other products out there that have the same concept but are easier to use.   These are also only good to use on cabinets that have two knobs.  In our house we recently moved in to, we don't have knobs on our kitchen cabinets, so these won't work at all.

The Bottom Line:  A baby proofing product that seems to do it's job, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

Price:  $2-4

Where to Buy:  Carefree Store Online, Walmart

Rating:  OK