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MomDot Party!

MomDot is having a party ALL of May to celebrate Trisha's 31st birthday! (She is the author of MomDot) There will be a giveaways daily and there will even be a giveaway for an awesome swing set! Be sure to check it out!

My boys love to watch dvd's, that no secret in our house.  So when I was introduced to eebee, I was automatically excited because eebee encourages babies to do and discover.  Yes, I said babies.  Chandler is 3 1/2 and is definitely not a baby anymore, but he is constantly asking to watch Eebee.  At 15 months, Rowan is intruiged with Eebee, but that is to be expected, right?

Pros:  I think a company's goal and philosophy is incredibly important, especially to parents.  As taken from eebee's adventures website, here is an exerpt of their philosophy:

"eebee's adventures are designed to engage you and your baby with rich play experiences that provide powerful lessons that memorizing letters, numbers, colors and shapes simply can and do not."

I think it's great when babies and toddlers learn ther numbers, colors, and so on, but it doesn't teach important things like cause and effect and problem solving.  I am so happy to see a product that is based around this very thing.  

We were able to review a 3 dvd set featuring Eebee, which included:
Exploring Real Stuff
Figuring Things Out
All in a Day's Play

Each dvd includes adventures with eebee, play by play guides (expert commentary on every adventure), a developmental perspective (a video Q&A with academic leaders), eebee's beat (a mini music & movement adventure), and song selections.  They are each 75 minutes which makes them a great value.  

I love that all three of these dvds explore cause and effect.  Rowan is really into this stage as he often drops his sippy cup from his high chair simply to see what it will do when it falls.  There are numerous ideas for parents to help their children explore different properties in the eebee dvds.  
In the dvd,  All in a Day's Play, they show a baby banging on pots and pans.  This may not seem like much, but it allows babies to explore sound, music, soft and loud, and rhythms.  I decided to put this to the test, and it was amazing how I could see the wheels turning as Rowan banged on his pots and pans, and discovered all of these sounds, etc.   

 The possibilities are endless, and I love how it encourages developmental skills with your baby.  In the dvd Figuring Things Out, a baby is allowed to experiment with a flashlight.  This was also a big hit with both of my boys and really allowed them to explore light and dark, and on and off.  

I think eebee is a perfect fit for babies and even toddlers.  A cute, brightly colored puppet is just the key to engage attention.  The eebee theme song it catchy and I find Chandler getting up to dance every time it comes on.  

As Eebee's tagline states:  Every Baby Learns By Doing.  I couldn't agree more.

Cons:  Honestly, I tried to find a con with eebee and I couldn't.  Ultimately, I am writing the reviews, but feedback from my two munchkins is the most important to me.  When I see them learning and exploring, and developing their senses, and staying interested in something for more than a few minutes, it's amazing.  That's a great product.  

The Bottom Line:  Hands on dvd series that teaches essental developmental skills, while still being entertaining and engaging.

Price:  $17.95 per dvd, or $48.45 for a 3 pack

Where to Buy:  eebee site

Rating:  Excellent

Would you like your baby to experience eebee for themselves?  Eebee is giving a dvd away!
Here's how to enter:

Mandatory Entry
Visit eebee's website, and tell me something about eebee that I didn't tell you in this review - 1 entry

Extra Entries

Follow this blog - 1 entry

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Please leave each entry as a separate comment.  Thanks!

Giveaway is open to US residents only and will end May 14th, 11:59 pm MST.  Winner has 3 days to contact me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tonight from 5-10 pm, Baskin Robbins is holding their 31 cent scoop event to help honor firefighters.  At participating locations, you can get a small scoop for 31 cents.  Call ahead to make sure the location near you is participating!  Find your closest location here.

Wordless Wednesday

I am going to start participating in Wordless Wednesday over at Mom Dot. I guess this one isn't completely wordless.

DH's idea of a baby carrier?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I've turned to orajel when both of my boys were teething.  They have been around for 40 years, so of course I feel like I can trust their products.  Rowan is working on his eye teeth, which I think are the worst of them all.  3 of them have finally broken through, but we are still waiting for the last one.  Orajel has a new teething gel out - cooling cucumber teething gel.  I was anxious to give it a try and see if it gave Rowan and relief.

Pros:  Orajel uses Benzocaine which is a local topical anesthetic.  It works by blocking nerve signals in the body, thus creating the numbing feeling.  Click here to learn more about Benzocaine.  Orajel has that signature taste.  If you've ever used orajel, you know what I am talking about.  Both of my boys cringe when they use normal orajel, and with good reason.  Although the product works well, it doesn't exactly taste good.  This new cooling cucumber gel tastes so much better.  It has a nice melon flavor, and tastes actually very good. (Yes, I would know because it was mommy tested :) )  Rowan actually opens his mouth when he sees it coming because he knows it tastes good.  It's always nice to give your child medicine that they don't fight you on.  
There is a suggestion to keep it in the refrigerator for extra cooling.  I really like this suggestion because we all know that cold things feel good on sore gums.  
The gel includes cucumber extract which also helps to soothe the gums.  
I really think a little goes a long way too, which means you have to buy the product less often.  
It is the #1 pediatrician  recommended teething pain reliever because it allows your baby instant relief.  It has really helped Rowan calm right down when he is having teething pain, which I love.  It definitely works well.

Cons:  Sometimes the consistency doesn't stay the same.  I may squeeze the tube and get a gel out that is more firm, and then all of a sudden it seems to be straight liquid, which can sometimes make a mess.  I notice the consistency is somewhat better when refrigerated.  I'm also not hugely fond of having to cut the tip of the tube. The first time I bought orajel, I cut it way to far down, and the gel starting oozing out everywhere.  I'm sure not to make that mistake now, and make sure I cut it towards the top.  Just a tip for those using or wanting to buy orajel!

The Bottom Line:  Wonderful new teething gel, great taste, works well.

Price:  $5.99 for .33 ounces

Where to Buy:  All major grocers and retailers.  For a location near you, visit baby orajel.

Rating:  Excellent

Baby Orajel sent me 5 extra tubes to give away!  That means 5 winners.

Here's how to enter to win a tube:

Have you ever used orajel?  If so, what is your favorite feature? - 1 entry

You can enter this contest unlimited times, as long as your comments are centered around teething or Baby Orajel.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

Contest ends May 5th at 11:59 MST.  Open to US residents only, winners have 3 days to contact me after winning.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Eebee Baby

Ever heard of Eebee Baby?  He is ridiculously cute and even helps babies learn.

Here is a sneak peek of Eebee here:

Want to learn more about Eebee?  Make sure to come back and read more about him on Thursday!

PS - I've added a giveaway on the Inchworm Shoes Post.  Be sure to enter!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Isn't it crazy how kids outgrow shoes and clothes in a ridiculous amount of time?  It seems like I have just bought Chan or Rowan a new shirt or pair of shoes, and next thing I know, it's too small.  Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a shoe that could grow with your child?  There is, they are called Inchworm Shoes.

Pros:  I absolutely love the concept behind these shoes.  We were able to review the Milan Strap in a size 10-11.I really like the style and color of the Milan and feel that it is very trendy. Inchworm shoes have 2 sizes in one.  Their iFit technology allows the shoe to "grow" expanding it's size right before your eyes.  Chan is in a size 10 right now.  Once that is too small, there is a button on the side that you push. You then pull on the shoe to expand it.  The bottom part of the shoe has a small view window that let's you know what size it is.  It starts as a size 10, and can expand to a size 10.5 and size 11.  Since his foot isn't growing quite so fast, I expect that these shoes will last us a good year.  To understand this concept fully, with great pictures, visit here.  Nice, right?  Chandler loves these shoes because they are easy to take on and off.  This particular style has a velcro closure on the top which is holds in place very well. The velcro really stays in place.  The shoes are very durable, and although we've only had it a few weeks, they still look brand new.  The inside sole and padding seem very comfortable and the bottom of the sole is quite thick with great traction.  We are planning to do some hiking this summer as a family, and I think these shoes will be great for Chandler because of the comfort and traction.  Inchworm shoes are offered in children's size, starting at a size 10-11, and going up to sizes 4-5.  With 18 styles to choose from, there is bound to be something you'll love.  

Cons:  These shoes are a bit heavier than Chandler's other shoes, and I think it took him a day or two to get used to that.  The middle part of the shoe that extends is also not very flexible.  I think this could be due to the fairly new technology, and the fact that it needs to be less flexible to provide support and be able to extend.  I'm sure that it is something that will get better in time as Chan breaks them in.  It's also hard to extend the shoe, I struggled with a bit, but it seems like consumers have also been concerned about this aspect, as it is in Inchworm's FAQ's.  Here's how Inchworm responded:

"We like to say that our shoes are, "parent adjustable". They do require some hand strength to adjust- however, we would not want children to adjust the shoes, and we would not want them to inadvertently change sizes while in use. Therefore we have made them firm in the adjustment area. Consider also that the shoes will be adjusted only a couple or a few times during the time that they are owned.
We also find that it is helpful to view the size on the bottom before attempting to change the size. This way, one can tell whether to "open" or "close" the shoe."

Fair enough, this definitely makes sense.  And honestly, how often are you going to be changing the size?
I would also love to see how Inchworm was founded and a shoe sizing guide put up on their site.

The Bottom Line:  Wonderful Innovative product that will save Moms time and money when it comes to buying shoes.  A bit heavy and unflexible, but seem to be outweighed by the Cons.

Price: $39.95

Where to Buy: Inchworm Shoes

Rating:  Great

Want to win your own pair of Inchworm shoes?  Inchworm is giving a pair to one reader!

Here's how to enter:

Visit Inchworm and tell me your favorite style - 1 entry

Follow this blog - 1 entry

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Please leave each entry as a separate comment.  Contest is open to US residents and will end May 9th, 11:59, MST.

Mommy's quiet time is giving away a custom blog design by Subjective Beauty.  Her work is great!  I love her punky monkeys design page, and would love to have her do some work on my blog.  Go check it out!

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SIDS Awareness Day

Today, April 24th is SIDS awareness day.  To help awareness day, here are some quick facts and tips about SIDS:

What is SIDS?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is the sudden and unexplained death of a sleeping infant under one year of age. In most situations, infants show no physical signs of distress and are perfectly healthy. Ninety percent of all SIDS fatalities occur before an infant reaches six months of age.

What can you do for your baby?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends the following measures that may help to prevent SIDS:

Place infants on their backs to sleep. As sleeping preference is a learned behavior, parents should consider using products such as Baby Sleeps Safe, a two-piece infant safety product that keeps babies sleeping safely and securely on their backs, to ensure their baby is comfortable with the position.

Do not place your infant to sleep in your bed. Instead, bring the crib into your room until your baby is at least six months old.

Make sure the crib has a firm mattress and avoid soft surfaces. Remove blankets, bumpers, toys or pillows.

Overheating an infant is a risk for SIDS. Clothe your infant to keep him warm, but avoid too many layers or warm room temperatures. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests placing an oscillating fan in the room to help circulation and cooling of air.

Offer your infant a pacifier. Studies have shown a lower rate of SIDS with infants who use pacifiers.

Breast-feed your infant whenever possible. Natural milk decreases the likelihood of respiratory and gastrointestinal infections, known to contribute to SIDS risk.

I think these are some great ideas, and knowledge is power!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Huggies has a new rewards program called Enjoy the Ride.  I think eventually it will be similar to the Pampers Gifts To Grow program, which we have been participating in for 3 years now.  

As of now, you can redeem rewards points to enter sweepstakes, but I'm hoping you will be able to redeem them for prizes soon.   Once you register, you get 10 rewards points and can enter this code for an additional 5 points: TKHNF-RLPLS-TRPGB 
After you register, you also get a printable coupon for $2 off any package of diapers.  You can print this more than once!
(Deal seen on Money Saving Mom)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Here are the winners via random number generator:

Ipod Winner
Elita said...
84I am Elita and I also twitted.

Jack & Lily Shoes Winner
Beautiful For Thee Administrator said...
What I would like to know is how you are suppose to choose one? :-) These are way too cute!!! My favorites are the Pink Daisy Patch, Pink and Brown Saddle, Navy Hibiscus, and the Light Blue Prince. To be honest, I love them all. The features I love are the fact they are washable and have soft leather. Thanks for a great giveaway!

Please use the Contact Form to claim your prize within 3 days or I will draw another winner!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm always on the lookout for cool, innovative products, things that make life a little easier, and of course a little more fashionable. My Monkey Moo is a specialty company that sells comfortable and stylish stroller pads and blankets.

Pros: Here's a dilemma it seems I always face with the stroller and blankets: It's cold outside but warm enough to want to go walking. I need to put a blanket around Rowan who is usually the one in the stroller at this point. After a minute, even though  I have bundled him well, the blanket comes loose and starts dragging on the ground. It gets dirty, stuck in the wheels, and I end up having to stop and fix it every few minutes. My Monkey Moo stroller blankets are 26" wide by 32" long, which is the perfect size for covering up your little one without having worry about it dragging. Everytime we've used My Monkey Moo, we've had no problems with the blanket falling off or dragging and Rowan has stayed toasty warm.
We received the stroller pad and set in the pattern At the Zoo. The pattern is absolutely adorable, and I had the hardest time choosing as they have so may fashionable and fun patterns. The nice part about these sets is that they are reversible, allowing you to have two different looks. Immediately upon receiving the set, I was impressed by the great quality. The material is thick and both items are extremely well made. The backing is a VERY soft swirl chenille. It's so soft that I wanted to curl up with it! Doesn't Rowan look so warm? And YES, that is SNOW in APRIL.
I think the stroller pad is such a great idea. It protects the fabric on your stroller, gives a versatile look, and makes your little one that much more comfortable. I a decided to give the stroller pad a test run myself and what better way to do that than to sit on it. :) I know it sounds funny, but I need to give an honest review, right? It actually does a great job padding, even if it isn't intended for moms who weigh more than 20 lbs. Rowan looked super comfortable when sitting on his stroller pad. These pads have slots/holes where you can put the buckles and harness through to help it adapt to almost any stroller. And if this set isn't versatile enough, the stroller pad can double as a changing pad! These wash up really nicely, and I can see that our set is going to last for a long time.
My Monkey Moo is decidated to style and comfort 365 days a year. What a great attitude for a company to have, and I adore the name. Fun and catchy, right?

Cons: I feel like there isn't quite enough information about the company on the site and would love to learn more. As a consumer, I'd like to know how the company was inspired, the mind behind it. I also wish these were available in more stores as I notice there aren't any retailers in Utah where I'm at.

The Bottom Line: Great innovative baby gear, perfect for your strollers.

Price: $64 for blanket or pad $130 for Sets. (Please note this company is out of Canada, and all prices are figured in Canadian dollars. I assume if you place an order, the exchange will be figured in, so actual price in US dollars is less depending on exchange.)

Where to Buy: My Monkey Moo Online 

Rating: Great

My Monkey Moo has offered to GIVE AWAY a stroller and pad set!

Here's how to enter:

1 - Visit My Monkey Moo and tell me your favorite style and feature about this product - 2 entries

2 - Become a Follower or let me know you are one - 1 entry

3-  Tweet or blog this giveaway - 1 entry

4 - Subscribe to my posts (top left) - 1 entry

Contest is open to US and Canada residents and ends at 11:59 MST, May 5th.  Winner has 3 days to contact me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Earth Ga Ga Deals

Baby Earth has Ga Ga deals  on baby items with prices that drop by the second until they are sold out.  They do this throughout the day, I believe until 5 pm, and have a new product hourly.  There are some really great deals on baby items and baby gear if you watch!

And don't forget to enter the Ipod & Jack & Lily Shoes giveaways.  They end tonight!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm in the process of revamping my blog!  So if it looks funny to you now, it's only temporary :)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Vincent shoes were founded because of a little boy named Vincent. I am a BIG fan of little boys, but maybe it's because I'm biased because I have two little boys of my own....that has to be it :) When Vincent was born in 1998 in Stockholm Sweden, his uncle Thomas and partner Patrick wanted to find a pair of shoes to take him. Not finding anything they liked,  they began designing a line of their own, and the rest of history.

The Review: We received a pair of the Oskar children's shoes in blue for Chandler. As soon as we pulled the shoes out of the box, Chandler said, "Oh cool!" and immediately wanted to put them on. He loves this particular style and I do too. They are a great cool kid's sandal for summer, and I love that they are a closed toe sandal to protect his little feet. The front of the shoe has the toe bump, which protects those little toes from getting hurt. It really lets you know that their toes are protected, because we all know that little kids aren't always exactly careful. These also double as a great sneaker with socks. These shoes have awesome flexibility and after feeling the inside of the shoe and watching Chan wear them, they seem extremely comfortable and move well with his feet. The velcro is very functional, holds well, and enables Chandler to put his shoes on by himself, which he is VERY proud of.
On each of the shoes, Vincent adds Designers notes which are fun to read and very witty. I couldn't help but think of Chandler when I read the designer's note about the Oskar shoe we got for him:

"Oskar has all the elements necessary to grow into a stunt man. He climbs onto the countertops to reach the high cabinets then leaps down without a second thought. If your baseball is knocked out of the park, he’s the first one to scale the fence to get it back. His favorite pastime with friends is horseplay."

I love the little details Vincent adds to their  shoes, like the contrasting colors and stitching. I also love that there are a lot of gender neutral shoes that are offered in boy and girl colors. You can definitely tell there are some great designers designing these shoes, as they have some fashion forward styles. New collections come out in the Spring and Fall and offer about 40 different styles to choose from. The Vincent collections start with their baby shoes at 6 months, include a wide range of toddler shoes,  and go up to 8 years with their children's shoes.  Not sure what size your child should be wearing? Vincent has taken this into consideration and has a shoe fitter guide you can download and print out.
I am really impressed with Vincent and their shoes. Chan has worn them everywhere and they still look like new. Pretty great considering he is 3 and rough on everything he comes in contact with.

The Bottom Line: Fashion forward, awesome quality children's shoes

Price: $20-$55 depending on style

Where to Buy: Vincent Shoes

Rating: Excellent

Vincent Shoes is giving away a $50 gift certificate!

Don't delay shopping for Vincent Shoes because if you make a purchase and then win the giveaway, Vincent shoes will CREDIT your purchase! Pretty awesome, right?

Here's how to enter the giveaway

Visit Vincent Shoes and let me know your favorite style from the spring/summer line - 1 entry

Fill out the refer a friend form - 1 entry

Tweet/Blog about this Giveaway - 1 entry

Contest is open to US residents and will end May 1st at 11:59 pm MST. Winners have 3 days to contact me.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love magazines and subscribe to a few. I love getting  parenting tips, recipe ideas, beauty and fashion tips, etc.

You can get Redbook for a YEAR for only $.89 through Barnes and Noble. Cover price is $42, so you are saving 97%!

Here are a few other good deals on magazines:
Family Fun - $4.45 for a year (save 82%)
Parents - $4.47 for a year (save 88%)

PLUS - Enter one of these coupon codes for an extra 10% off at checkout!
(Can be used once per account.)

Here is the original post from slickdeals.

EllyBean said...
They offer some pretty cute organic onesies!

Thanks for such a great giveaway!
ellybean (at)

Congrats, contact me at!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Swaddling seems like it is essential with a newborn.  It gives them that secure warm feeling of being in the womb.  Both of my boys loved to be swaddled, Chandler especially.  We actually swaddled him until he was 6+ months because he just slept well.    Aden and Anais wants babies to have just that, the swaddled comfort they need.  So when they contacted me, I was excited to be able to review one of their Australian muslin baby wraps.

The Review: One of my favorite things about this blanket was its size.  Normal receiving blankets are 30x30 inches.  These are great for the first month or two, but babies seem to outgrow them quickly.  Their blankets are a generous 47 x 47 inches.  I swaddled Rowan with it, and even though he is 15 months, it was more than big enough for him.  (I'm sure he appreciated his nutty mom swaddling him ;) )  Another thing that instantly draws me to this blanket is how muslin works.  As taken from Aden and Anais' site, here is is a little bit about muslin:

"Muslin is a unique cotton fabric first introduced into England in the late 17th century. Muslin has a light, open weave that allows air to flow seamlessly through the material. The soft natural fibers allow your baby's body temperature to adjust naturally, eliminating over-heating, but ensuring warmth and comfort. aden + anais wraps will allow you to safely swaddle your baby, giving you confidence that your baby will experience a peaceful and secure sleep. "

Chan had a lot of skin problems when he was a baby, as you can see from the photo on the right.  Cradle cap, exzema, and he always seemed to have heat rash.  He loved to be swaddled but would get so hot that he would rub the blanket on his cheeks until they were red and rashy.   He overheated so easily but wouldn't sleep well unless he was swaddled.  We tried every type of blanket it seemed, and he always overheated.  I would have loved to have known about Aden and Anais, I'm sure it would have helped tremendously with his heat rash.

These blankets have a lot of nice stretch to them.  I am a big fan of the thermal/waffle receiving blankets for newborns, simply because of their stretch. It's hard to find these bigger than a receiving size though.  I love that Aden and Anais blankets have the size and stretch which makes for a secure swaddle.   They wash up really nicely and are great quality all around, plus they stay extremely soft which is a must have for newborn skin.

Their site has some really great tips as well.  For example, it shows you two different methods to swaddle, and also gives some great ideas on other ways to use the blanket.  

Aden and Anais has  this great swaddling blanket available in 2 and 4 packs which are extremely convenient as newborns need many swaddling blankets.  They have some really cute styles available.

They also carry a muslin dream blanket and are made with 6 layers of waffled cotton.  I'm sure they are wonderful too!

The Bottom Line:  Awesome swaddling blanket, protects baby from overheating, large size, super soft!

Where to Buy: Aden and Anais

Price:  Winter Warmth Swaddles: $49.95 - on sale for $29.95
Dream Blankets:  $59.95 - on sale for $39.95
Enter WINTERSALE as the promo code to receive this special discount! (Sale goes through April)

Aden and Anais is giving away the Neutral Spots Winter Warmth -  2 pack  as pictured to the right to one of my readers!

Here's how to enter:

1)  Visit Aden and Anais and let me know your favorite style they carry - 1 entry

2)  Read this info about swaddling and give one reason why it is important - 1 entry

3) Grab my button or blinkie - 1 entry

4)  Blog or tweet about this giveaway - 1 entry

Contest is open to US residents only, and will end April 28 at 11:59 MST.  Winner has 3 days to contact me.

Monday, April 13, 2009

150 kid's songs for $.99

I saw this on slickdeals and wanted to pass along.    You can get 150 download songs from Amazon for only $.99 here.  Good deal if you are looking for some children's music! And here is the link to the original post from slickdeals. 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Both my boys love to take baths.  Of course, what kids don't like to take baths?  Their grandma gave them this Fisher Price Amazing Animals Tubtime Tugboat bath set for Christmas.

Pros:  Isn't this a super cute set?  It comes with a tugboat, and 5 different animals.  Some have moving parts ,and the fish is a little squirter. The tugboat has a handle that enables it to be attached to the faucet when play is all done, keeping it out of the way.  There is also a spinning toy on the front that Rowan loves to play with.  The bright colors are stimulating for any child, and the toy is very durable.  All of the animals have different textures which are also great for teething and makes this toy not only great in the bathtub but out.  My boys also really like the Octopus for scooping and pouring water.  

Cons:  This is a fun when it is new, but Chandler has lost interest in it and doesn't play with it much in the tub after a few months.  I'm also contemplating getting rid of the fish as most squirt toys start to get mold in them after a while.  Who wants their child bathing with mold?  Although the handle/faucet feature is nice, there have been many times I have knocked it down while trying to fill Rowan's humidifier at night.  It would also be nice if this toy had more moving parts, I think it would entertain better.

The Bottom Line:  Cute toy, but kids can grow tired of it easily

Price:  $17-20

Where to Buy: Fisher Price

Rating:  OK

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I have to admit, I'm starting to have a bit of a shoe fetish on behalf of my boys. Who said little boys couldn't have lots of cute shoes, and great quality ones at that? I was excited to discover Jack and Lily, and was immediately pulled in by their great site and tagline: Discover, Touch, Smile.

Pros: Jack & Lily's shoes are made from the Finest Lamb Touch Leather. We received a pair of the sport touch in brown and cream from the My Shoes line for Rowan. Aren't they cute? This particular line goes up to 24 months. They really aren't kidding when they say they use the finest touch leather. These particular shoes are made from 100% cowhide leather and are so incredibly cute. Their shoes are specially designed to encourage touch and development in babies and toddlers. This is all to true. The first time we put Rowan's new shoes on, he immediately bent town to touch and examine them. I think he likes the contrast of colors and the feel of the shoes. The shoes from the "My Shoes" line have a soft sole that is perfect for indoors as well as outdoors. They have a skid resistant sole which helps with tripping and helps grip surfaces. They are also very light which is great when it comes to first walkers and toddlers. There's nothing that makes it more difficult for a baby to walk then heavy shoes. Because of how nice and soft the sole is, Rowan walks like a pro in these. Jack and Lily shoes are recommended by Podiatrists, which means you know your little ones are getting shoes that are simply the best. I really feel that these shoes run true to size. Rowan's other shoes are a size 5, or 18-24 months. We ordered an 18-24 months and it was comparable to a size 5. I really appreciate this aspect. Sometimes if you order a product online, you never know if it will run big or small, so it's nice that they do run true to size.

The original collection does not disappoint. Jack and Lily has one of the biggest collections of soft soled shoes I've seen, with some incredibly trendy and baby friendly styles. They have more than 70 combinations of shoes. If that isn't selection, I don't know what is. What's awesome abou the soft soled collection too is that the sizes go up to 4 years! Most other brands only go up to 24 months. The original collection is machine washable. You simply wash them separately in cold water, partially let them tumble dry, and then reshape and air dry. They do reccomend hand washing though to extend the life of the shoes.

As I hadn't heard of Jack and Lily before, I checked here to see if there was a location near me that sold them. I was pleasantly surprised to find 13 locations in my state.

Cons: Jack and Lily really has a great quality product and has done their homework. No cons from a very satisfied mom!

Price: $26-$30 depending on style (Free shipping when you order 2 pair!)

The Bottom Line: Great quality baby and toddler shoes with trendy styles

Where to Buy: Jack and Lily

Rating: Excellent

Jack and Lily is giving away a pair of shoes to one lucky reader!

Here's how to enter:

1) Visit Jack and Lily and let me know what style is your favorite - 1 entry

2) Tell me about your favorite feature - 1 entry

3) Grab my button or blinkie (left hand column) - 1 entry

Contest is open to US and Canada residents and will close at 11:59 MST on April 20th. Winner has 3 days to contact me or I will redraw.

Mom Dot and Thomas the train are giving away 6 train sets - Thomas at Action Canyon.  Chandler LOVES Thomas and would absolutely love this set!  You can enter to win one at Mom Dot and also blog about Thomas to get extra entries, so if you see some more Thomas entries from me, we want to up our chances!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ipod Shuffle Giveaway

So I mostly focus on baby and child products, but I wanted to share one of my very favorite products with all you mamas - the Ipod shuffle.  I love to exercise, it's my little getaway.  I absolutely love working up a good sweat while my favorite song is pumping in my ears. Plus it helps with the stretched out muffin top that my cute kiddos helped contribute to. :)  I have a second generation in purple.  I love how tiny it is, it will hold up to 500 songs and will play up to 12 hours of music, plus it only weighs half an ounce!

I love the shuffle so much, I'm giving one away!
It's a green 2GB 2nd generation - refurbished, and is a $60 value. We have a few refurbished products from apple and have never been disappointed.  
Here's how you can win it!

1)  Leave a comment with your name and what you would be listening to in your new ipod if you won it.   - 1 entry

2)  Become a follower of this blog - 1 entry

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As an example comment, here would be my entry:
I'm Tiffany and right now I would be listening to Sara Bareilles or Augstana.  I follow this blog, blogged about this giveaway, and tweeted about it here: babesandkids Ipod Shuffle giveaway @ Babes and Kids Review
less than 5 seconds ago from web You can contact me at: snedfam (at) gmail (dot) com.

Please leave me someway to get ahold of you if you win. (e-mail, blog, twitter..)  I've had to redraw for prizes before, and I'd hate for you to win and not claim your prize!

Contest is open to US Residents only and will end 11:59 MST April 20th.  Winner has 3 days to contact me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

See Kai Run Giveaway Winner

Here is the winning comment via

Laura said...
I signed up for email alerts as well.

You have 3 days to contact me with your shipping information or I will draw a new winner. (

Thanks everyone, and don't forget to enter to win the Giggle Guide to Baby Gear book

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flashback 4 years ago:  I'm about 3 months pregnant with Chandler.   Food aversions, puking, fatigue, and tremendous mood swings were just a few of the things that I was feeling at the time.  I'm also feeling overwhelmed.  I knew I needed to start preparing for a baby, not just mentally but physically.  What do I need?  Where do I start?  What products are the best to buy?  These were just a few of the questions I was asking myself at the time.  About a month ago, I came across The Giggle Guide to Baby Gear by Ali Wing CEO and founder of giggle.   This book claims to be The Smart Shopping Companion for new parents.  Is it?  Keep reading and you'll find out.

Within the first few pages of the book, I couldn't believe how much I could relate.  One excerpt reads:

"Yes, shopping for a new baby can be a tremendous task.  Anyone who's ever walked into a baby superstore can relate to  the feeling of staring at a wall of 50 different car seats, each one indistinguishable from the next.  With the explosion of baby products on the market, the choices are endless, and it's hard to make an informed decision about every single item you need to purchase."

Wow, could I relate to this.  I remember the first time I walked into Babies R Us.  I wondered what I really needed and what brands were the best.  As I registered for my baby shower, I scanned everything and anything, completely oblivious to what I really needed.

One thing I really love about this book is the checklists.  It has checklists for things such as; the first six months, toddlerhood, nursery, getting out and about, and much more.  It tells you specific items you need at these stages and places and why.  

Another section that I was really impressed with was products for baby on the go.  This section focuses on car seats.  I have done so much online research on car seats, it's almost ridiculous.  This section gives general guidance, tips, features to look for, lifestyle considerations, and accessories.  Nice, huh?  Not to mention there are small pictures of different car seats so you know what they look like.  This is also a feature you see throughout the book - small pictures of baby items they suggest.  

At the end of each section there are notes for you to take.  I can really see how this would be helpful as you decide what gear you need.   The book is even compact enough and spiral bound, meaning it's easy to take along with you to the store and the spiral binding makes it easy to stay open to the page you need as well as more durable.  

In the back of the book, there is an index. Want to find out about co-sleeping?  Look it up in the index.  Questions about monitors?, the index has it.  At 176 pages, this book has mounds of information, but isn't so much that it is overwhelming.  It is well written, easy to understand, and covers everything about baby gear you would need to know.  I definitely think this would be a great gift for an expecting mom, or even a mom who's been there done that.  I don't consider myself an expert, but after 2 kids I'd think that I'm pretty well rounded.  This book gave me some new ideas for gear.  For example - a splash mat.  You put it on the floor to catch spills and food.  Helps save your back and your floors.  I notice giggle has one of these on their website.  I just might be getting it as I have two very messy eaters.

I also wanted to mention that Giggle has an awesome online store filled with great baby gear.  One stop shopping, right? 

Cons:  I don't have any complaints about this book.  I wish I had gotten it when I was pregnant with Chandler, but then again, according to the copyright, it's only been out since 2008.  Hopefully this book will be a big help for those of you looking for information on baby gear, or are looking for a baby gift.

The Bottom Line:  Very informative, well written book about baby gear. 

Price:  $19.95 and FREE shipping!

Where to Buy:  Giggle

Rating:  Excellent

Thanks to Giggle, here's your chance to win your very own copy of the Giggle Guide to Baby Gear!
(If possible, please leave an e-mail address for me to contact you at -  in your comment.)
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