Thursday, April 9, 2009

Amazing Animals Tubtime Tugboat

Both my boys love to take baths.  Of course, what kids don't like to take baths?  Their grandma gave them this Fisher Price Amazing Animals Tubtime Tugboat bath set for Christmas.

Pros:  Isn't this a super cute set?  It comes with a tugboat, and 5 different animals.  Some have moving parts ,and the fish is a little squirter. The tugboat has a handle that enables it to be attached to the faucet when play is all done, keeping it out of the way.  There is also a spinning toy on the front that Rowan loves to play with.  The bright colors are stimulating for any child, and the toy is very durable.  All of the animals have different textures which are also great for teething and makes this toy not only great in the bathtub but out.  My boys also really like the Octopus for scooping and pouring water.  

Cons:  This is a fun when it is new, but Chandler has lost interest in it and doesn't play with it much in the tub after a few months.  I'm also contemplating getting rid of the fish as most squirt toys start to get mold in them after a while.  Who wants their child bathing with mold?  Although the handle/faucet feature is nice, there have been many times I have knocked it down while trying to fill Rowan's humidifier at night.  It would also be nice if this toy had more moving parts, I think it would entertain better.

The Bottom Line:  Cute toy, but kids can grow tired of it easily

Price:  $17-20

Where to Buy: Fisher Price

Rating:  OK