Monday, February 9, 2009

Method Squeaky Green Baby Lotion

Last week, I reviewed Method's Squeaky Green Baby Wash.  Since I really liked this product, I decided to try out the baby lotion as well.

Pros:  This has the same rice milk + mallow scent.  It's nice to be able to use a wash and then a lotion that smells the same.  That way they compliment each other.  It has many of the same great features as the wash such as:
* 95% natural
*gentle and non-irritating
*pediatrician tested
*paraben free.
The design of this is also very mod and cute.  The lotion seems to absorb quickly and seems like it would be great for sensitive skin.

Cons:  I loved the baby wash.  I thought it did a good job moisturizing and smelled great.  The lotion on the other hand, I don't think is so great.  It is really thin and watery, so you have to use more.  It does absorb well, but doesn't really moisturize all that great.  I noticed that Chandler's skin looked dry just a few hours after his bath.  And his eczema seemed to start flaring up again after we'd used this a few times.  It's fine to use on Rowan as he doesn't have a problem with eczema.  It's also a little pricey - $7 for 8 ounces.  I use a lot of lotion on my boys after they get out of the bath, and we would fly through this little bottle in less than a month.  If I'm going to buy a lotion, I expect it to moisturize...wouldn't you?

The Bottom Line: An eco friendly lotion that smells great...and that's about it.  Doesn't work well.

Price:  $7 for 8 oz

Where to Buy:  Target, Method Online,

Rating:  Not So Great