Thursday, February 26, 2009

Safety 1st Grip Door Knob Covers

After learning to walk, it seems like toddlers start to get very curious.  They will start testing their limits and getting into anything and everything.  I remember Chandler trying again and again when he was about 18 months old to open a door.  After much effort, he figured it out.  It was ALL downhill from then.  He's gone outside multiple times, opened his brother's door and gotten into his crib with him, gotten into the bathroom and all of my makeup....and much more.  The solution?  Simple - Door Knob Covers!

Pros:  These covers come apart into two pieces.  It then has 3 grooves where it snaps into place as you put it over the door knob.  They then have sort of a loose fit.  If your child tries to open the door, the cover just spins around the knob and They work on all sorts of door knobs.  We've used them on regular round knobs in our apartments and home.  They also work great on door knobs that aren't quite round.  In order for an adult to open the door, you just pinch the two gray grooves on either side together.  This allows you to grip the knob in order to open it.  Chan is almost 3 1/2 and still hasn't figured out how these work.  Nice, huh?  They are also very durable and easy to take on and off.  The picture shows these in white, but I have found them in clear at Walmart and like the clear design better.  They aren't as noticable.  These are also very affordable and are only about $2-3 for a 2 pack.

Cons:  There have been times when the cover is in two pieces that I have a hard time putting it back together.  Maybe it's just me because my husband laughs and does it for me.  I, however, think that it could be designed a bit better so it is easier to put together.  After time, and enough fiddling by your toddler, they come apart easily.  This has happened with 2 of the knobs we have bought.

The Bottom Line:  A great way to babyproof doors, a must have!

Price: $2-3 for a 2 pack  ( even sells them in a 4 pack for $3.79.)

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target,

Rating:  Great