Friday, February 20, 2009

Signing Time DVD's Deal

If any of you have ever watched the signing time dvd's or want to encourage sign language with your baby or child, the signing time dvd's are a great way to start.  Best Buy has 2 different gift sets that have 3 dvds on sale for $14.99.  These are normally retailed at $60, so this is an awesome deal!


Joel & Lila said...

that is so awesome! Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered the first set. I have been eyeing these for months and have seen amazing success with some of my friends and their children! It is a great tool!

Cassandra said...

We have an inside joke in our family about the song "It's signing time with Alex and Lea" because our friend's boys had these playing constantly when we'd come to visit and then it would be stuck in our heads for the week. They had a lot of success with them though. That's a GREAT deal!

Becca said...

thanks for the tip..done & done!...By the way, I am super impressed because my baby LOVES the baby mozart einstein dvd!

Holly Mayer said...