Friday, May 15, 2009

Health Master

As moms, aren't we always looking for products that make our lives easier? I know I definitely am. So when I heard about the Health Master and how it could make my life easier by combining 20 different kitchen appliances, you'd better believe I was interested. The Living Well Health Master was introduced by Montel Williams with a focus to help others include a healthy diet in their everyday lives.

Pros: We've been through quite a few kitchen appliances in our house in the last few years. Choppers, blenders and mixers; we've had at least 2 of each of these. The Health Master packs a serious punch, and is incredibly powerful.  As taken from a Health Master press release:

"The HealthMaster’s design enables effortless food preparation without compromising efficiencies. The machine can perform numerous processing functions while working with one large batch. It features a 1100-watt, dual horsepower motor with a 100-year warranty and commercial-grade culinary angled stainless steel blades that emulsify at over 3000 RPM. Such blending reduces graininess and results in mixtures that don't chunk or separate for extended periods of time. The centrifugal friction allows soup to naturally cook, while simultaneously presenting the option to make a frozen sorbet—all with the same machine."

Isn't it amazing that you can cook soup in this? I'm sold right there!

The first recipe that I tried was a banana strawberry smoothie. I put everything into the health master and turned it on. It was completely pureed in less than 10 seconds. Best of all, there were no chunks, it was so smooth. My boys devoured these smoothies. I felt good knowing they were getting fruits and dairy without the added sugar.
Other pros?  Watch the video below:

Cons:  None!  Where was this appliance when I needed it!?

The Bottom Line:  A professional grade emulsifier that does everything!

Price:  $199

Where to Buy: Health Master Website

Rating:  Excellent!

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tara said...

oh that looks yummy! Very cool appliance!

LIFE IS GOOD! said...

Is this the same one that they demo at Sam's club. I have been impressed with the demo there. You did a good job with the demo. Hmmm I have a birthday coming up.

tennisgirl said...

hej i like your blog and i just wanted to let you know

hope you visit mine too

have a great day

Lisa said...

I absolutely love mine! So right when you say where has it been! I call it my multipurpose big boy!

Jamie @ Day and Age Design said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a thoughtful comment on the wacky interior!

New follower! :)