Friday, May 8, 2009

Trendy Tadpole

Isn't it funny how babies seem to have a personality from day 1? Why not let them express themselves then? The Trendy Tadpole lets your baby, toddler, or child do just that, express themselves through fun and personalized tees. A few months ago, Rowan starting carrying this little stuffed panda with him. It was perfect for him to hold right under the neck. He would often sit and look at him and then smile at the panda and then at me. I found it fitting
that The Trendy Tadpole had the cutest panda shirt and knew Rowan would love it. The day we got it in the mail, I showed it to him. He did the same thing he did when he looked at his panda shirt; smiled at the shirt and then looked up and smiled at me. Priceless.

Pros: With 37 designs to choose from, there's sure to be something for everyone. A few of my favorites include the buddha belly (What baby doesn't have one of those?), and the frog design that says Oh snap. Innovative, isn't it? There are tons of other cute and trendy designs. The designs come in snapsuits, lap shirts, and tee shirts with sizing ranging from 3 months to a kid's size 12. They even have mens and womens sizes available. You can also choose between short and long sleeved. The possibilities are endless!
I was incredibly impressed with how soft these tees were an how well they wash up. After washing Rowan's panda tee 4 times, we had no piling and the graphic still looked like new. It says on the trendy tadpole website to wash inside out and dry on low because they shrink a lot. We didn't have the problem with Rowan's shirt, it had very minimal shrinking.

Cons: These shirts run a bit small. I was told about this before receiving Rowan's shirt, and it also states it on the product info page. If you don't happen to check the product info page, you might end up ordering a shirt that is too small. Rowan is 16 months and is just starting to wear 18-24 month clothes. His panda shirt is a size 2T and fits him well. So if you are going to place an order, make sure to order up a size!

The Bottom Line: Trendy and fun designs, super soft cotton, washes up well.

Price: $22 (Only $11 with promotional code listed at the end of the post!)

Where to Buy: The Trendy Tadpole

Rating: Great

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Manic Mother said...

I just noticed your sons name, my oldest is named must be super cool, with awesome name picking skills ;)

Cher said...

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