Monday, October 13, 2008

Boppy Pillow

The Boppy Pillow is yet another mom inspired invention. It was intentionally designed for young babies who couldn't yet sit up by themselves. It has many versatile uses and has quickly become a very popular product.

This C-shaped boppy pillow is a simple idea but serves it's purpose well. It can be used around your tummy as a breastfeeding support. You simply put the pillow around your waist and have automatic support for baby. I have heard that it isn't optimal for mothers who have had c-sections as it puts pressure on the incision. I have had both of my boys via c-section and had no problems using this pillow. If anything, I felt like it alleviated the pressure. Because baby rests on the pillow, it helps mom relax as well, giving her arms a much needed break. It isn't just for breastfeeding, it works great with babies who are bottle feeding too. Once your baby is a little older, it is great for tummy time. It helps strengthen neck and back muscles. You can also prop baby on their back so that they can look around while having a support system. I also loved using this pillow for the boys to sit in the middle of, around 5 months, when they couldn't quite sit up by themselves, but really wanted to. If they tumble to the side, they have a soft landing. Another great feature of the boppy - slip covers. I have a few different covers including the boppy luxe cover. It is a soft velvety cover that I would definitely recommend. I love that if my baby spits up on this pillow I can easily change the slipcover. The covers wash up wonderfully too. Lastly, this pillow is awesome at holding it's shape. When I had Chandler, I had a similar pillow to the boppy, but it wasn't the boppy. It served it's purpose but got lumpy and didn't have the interchangable slip covers. I've had my boppy for 9 months and it still has a great shape and hasn't gotten lumpy. To the right is a picture of my sweet Rowan laying on his boppy at the hospital.

Cons: I wish that this pillow were a little smaller in ways so that you could take it places with you. Because of the size, it seems too large to take on an outing or in the car. Other than that, I think the boppy is great in every way.

The Bottom Line:
Great pillow, great investment! The Boppy Pillow website also offers more information on this pillow.

Price: $30-$35 for the pillow, $10-15 for slipcovers

Where to Buy:
Target, Babies R Us

Rating: Excellent


The Cederstrom's said...

I like my boppy a lot, for a lot of the same reasons that Tiff gave. Plus, if by some freak chance your husband busts up his shoulder, it works as a good support for his arm. Random bit of knowledge I know, but hey, it's a perk!! (especially for me, who has had to go through the shoulder thing 3 times now)