Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gerber Fruit & Veggie Puffs

So your baby has mastered pureed foods.  He is starting to get that cute pincher grip down with those chubby little fingers.  Self feeding.  

Pros:  These airy light puffs are a great starter food.  They dissolve almost instantly and have a nice light flavor.  They are shaped like stars and are thick enough for little fingers to get ahold of.  The packaging is great as it is a re-sealable container.  This means you can throw it in the diaper bag and go.  They also have lots of different flavors.  I think they are a great starter food and help pave the way for cheerios & small crackers.

Cons:  My only complaint about these is the fact that they have little nutritional value and a baby would have to eat a LOT in order to get any calories out of them.   80-90 puffs are only 25 calories.  But what do you expect from a first finger food?

The Bottom Line:  Convenient, delicious, and great for babies learning to self feed.

Price:  $1.99

Where to Buy:  Most retailers such as Walmart, Target, Kmart.  Can also be found at grocery stores

Rating:  Great


Cassandra said...

Mady loves these, but I do feel a little guilty resorting to them so often since there really isn't much to them. We peeled the plastic off one and washed it, and it is one of her favorite toys to roll around :) Something I don't like is the sweet potato puffs have stained her shirt a few times, which then gets on my shirt, but it washed out!

Tristan's Mom said...

Tristan LOVES his puffs! I, too, wish that they had more nutritional value but it does keep him entertained while I can fix his real dinner. ;)

Sara Birch said...

A great "snack" food for babies. Carson loved these.