Wednesday, October 15, 2008

YoBaby Yogurt

YoBaby Yogurt is an organic yogurt, specially made just for babies.  

Pros:  It is made with whole milk which is recommended for children up to 2 years.  Whole milk is important for babies and toddlers because it contains a higher amount of fat which is essential for brain development.  It also contains DHA which helps develop the visual and central nervous system.   I like that everything in YoBaby yogurt is organic.  I love that they come in a 4 oz size which is optimal for baby.  It's also nice to be able to feed your baby yogurt as it has cultures that aid in digestion.  YoBaby comes in an original, simply plain, fruit & cereal, and drinkable. The texture is very smooth. Rowan has really enjoyed this yogurt and eats one everyday.  He started eating this yogurt at around 7 1/2 months as a recommendation from his pediatrician.

Cons:  It has a bit of a runny, sticky consistency which I think can be attributed to the amount of fat. It also has a bit of a bland flavor from my perspective but probably tastes a lot different to a baby. It also tends to get watery a the top and the fat comes to the top as well.  This can be fixed with some good stirring.  I think it is a bit pricey - around $3.50 for a 6 pack, but then again when do you put a price on something that is good for your baby and aids with development?

The Bottom Line:  Great Product, Pros definitely outweigh the cons.  To learn more about YoBaby yogurt, visit the YoBaby yogurt site.

Price:  $3.50 for a 6 pack

Where to Buy:  Most grocery stores carry this

Rating:  Great


Sara Birch said...

I loved using this yogurt for Carson. I would definitely recommend it!

Tristan's Mom said...

I got this for Tristan at the store yesterday and tried some with him today. He *loves* it!! He gobbled up the whole container and probably would have had more, if I'd let him. Thanks for the recommendation!