Saturday, October 11, 2008

V-Tech Move and Crawl Ball

Learning to crawl is a huge milestone in a babies' development.  It's fun to encourage and want them to crawl.  (Ok ok - so I encouraged my first one and didn't do it so much with my second son.  After all, it's all downhill once they get mobile, right?)

Pros:  The is a fun interactive toy for babies.  It rolls around, giggles, laughs, sings, and lights up.  Once baby gets to it, they can push different buttons to hear animal sounds and names.  It has 2 volume settings so you can set it louder or on a quieter mode. Like most toys, it has a little song it sings everytime you turn it on. It's fun to see your child reach for it only for it to roll away a little bit and encourage them to come after it.  

Cons:  This toy is HEAVY.  It weighs a couple pounds and is not such a good idea if you have an older child who likes to throw things, aka my son.  I assume it has to be heavy for it to roll around the way it does, but I think it is a little ridiculous. And the ball doesn't even roll that far, just around in circles. The animal sounds will also randomly go off without your baby touching the buttons which I think is a little annoying, as well as the song that the balls sings over and over.

The bottom line:  Cute toy but very heavy  for a baby toy and somewhat annoying.

Price:  $12.99

Where to Buy:  Amazon

Rating:  Not So Great