Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cloth Diapering

I personally don't have any experience with cloth diapering, but invited Sara, a babes and kids reader, has.  Here is her review of cloth diapering:

"I used cloth diapers with my oldest, Carson...the Fuzzi Buns brand. I LOVED them. They don't look like the traditional cloth diaper, but more like a disposable, I think they are super cute. They do up with snaps so no worry about diaper pins. They have a microfleece lining which absorbs the liquid away from your child's body and wicks it to the liner (which is removable). Your child really does stay dry! The microfleece also keeps poop from really sticking to it so you can just flick it off into the toilet. The exception being, of course, diahhrea. The outside fabric of the diaper is waterproof, so no leaks either. The outer fabric is soft, not at all like the vinyl underwear you usually have to put over a cloth diaper. Because of the softness of the fabric, my husband didn't believe me that the diaper was waterproof so he ran a diaper under the tap and sure enough, it didn't leak through. In usually only used the Fuzzi Bunz at night or when Carson had really bad diaper rash. His diaper rash cleared up really fast when I put these on him. I only bought 3 of them as they were $15 a piece (back in 2006). They now retail for almost $20. Also, I only bought the medium size so I am waiting for my baby Jonas to get big enough to try them on him. They are a great investment, but be prepared to pay a pretty penny for them. But if you calculated up how much you'd spend on disposables, it evens out. If you go to their website you can learn a lot more about cloth diapering and the dangeres of disposables." - Sara

You can learn more about Fuzzi Buns at their website.