Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pampers Baby Dry

You all already know I am a Pampers Cruisers fan.  The Cruisers are the supreme style, while the baby dry are the original.  Are the baby dry as good?

Pros:  These diapers are very soft to the touch inside and out.  They have a slight baby powder smell, but I think they are just enough without being overpowering.  When we first tried the baby dry with Chandler when he was around 6 months old, they didn't have the stretchy tabs.  In fact the old baby dry didn't have any stretch at all to them.  I think it was about 2 years ago that they introduced the flex stretch which I think is very comparable to the cruisers.  The tabs are soft and stretchy and give that nice snug fit just like the Cruisers.  I love how sticky the tabs are too. I've never had this diaper come undone.  Rowan has been wearing the baby dry for a few months now and we've had no leaks, blowouts or rashes.  These diapers may feel thin but definitely hold a lot.  To top it off, they have that cute Sesame Street design in a green based theme.  

Cons: They don't have the absorb away liner and they seem to run just a tad smaller than the Cruisers. When Chandler grew out of a size 5 baby dry just before he turned two, we turned to the Cruisers and were able to stay in a size 5 since they were just a bit bigger.

The Bottom Line: Great diaper!

Price: $11.99 for a jumbo pack, $21 for a box, $46 for biggest value box.
Price per diaper: (If bought in a value box)
size 1 - $.18
size 2 - $.20
size 3 - $.23
size 4 - $.26
size 5 - $.29
size 6 - $.36

Where to buy: Most grocery retailers, Walmart, Target, Amazon,

Rating: Great


Aoife said...

i really don't like the pampers this time around.. the absorbant inner gets really squishy and gross feeling to me... I looks like a floppy bag when its wet.

monica said...

i put gavin in size 2 and now they are leaking the gell out and sticking to his body after 1 or 2 pees, it is so gross and frustrating especially since it didn't happen with the size 1's.