Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nature BabyCare Diapers

It seems like more and more people are going "green."  Diapers are no exception, and there are more brands out there now if you are wanting a biodegradable, earth friendly diaper.  Nature BabyCare is one of those brands.

Pros:  As far as being an eco friendly diaper, this brand is great.  According to the Nature Baby website, here is their plug for their diapers:  
"Nature babycare diapers are 100% chlorine-free and keep oil-based plastics away from babies delicate skin. Our absorbent pulp is from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests and the unique design of our ultra-thin absorbent core creates a more comfortable fit for your baby while providing enhanced leak protection. Since Nature babycare products are based on natural and renewable materials instead of plastic, our diapers are soft and cloth-like providing comfort without sacrificing protection. Nature babycare has been awarded “Best Disposable Diaper” Silver Award for 2006-2007 by Mother & Baby Magazine and also carries the approval symbol from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation."
After doing some research, I really like the idea of a chlorine free diaper.  Chlorine is really a harsh chemical, and by avoiding it's use, you get more of an earth friendly diaper, while protecting your baby's sensitive skin.  Chlorine in essence is used to bleach a diaper, giving it it's white appearance.  Naturecare diapers are still white, but are whitened with a natural woodpulp.  Pretty cool.  I was really impressed with the absorbance of these diapers.  I bought a pack of size 4, and used them on both boys.  Chandler has been in a size 5 diaper for a year and a half and although these seemed a little small when I put them on him, we had no leaks.  No leaks and no blowouts with either of the boys.  NICE!  There is also a cute green leaf design on these diapers.  They seem to breathe well and we had no problems with diaper rash.  

Cons:  These diapers are EXTREMELY stiff.  They are not very soft at all and don't seem like they would be too comfortable to wear.  Marshall (my husband) even made the comment when he went to change one of the boy's diapers how stiff and scratchy they felt.   He usually doesn't make comments on diapers either.  Maybe this is an extreme, but it's like sandpaper compared to some of the softer diapers. I also noticed that they made the inside of Chandler's legs red from rubbing.  Another  con - no stretchy tabs.  I love the stretchy tabs and now I just feel annoyed when a diaper doesn't have them.  The tabs seem to stick ok to the front of the diaper, but after the diaper is used and you try to roll it up and fasten it to throw it away, it just doesn't happen.  This is annoying with poopy diapers as you want to be able to roll up the diaper and fasten it to help keep the smell and poop in.  

The Bottom Line:  A good earth friendly diaper with great absorbancy, but not very soft and a few other flaws.

Price: $11.99 for a jumbo pack.
Price per diaper:
size 1 - .$27 
size 2 - .$30
size 3 - $.35
size 4 - $.40
size 5 - $.46
size 6 - $.55

Where to Buy:  Diapers.com

Rating:  OK