Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seventh Generation Diapers

Seventh generation has all sorts of environmentally friendly products.  They claim that their "soft cloth-like comfort keeps baby safe and dry."  (

Pros:  These diapers are made from a chlorine free woodpulp fluff.  This is evident as they are brown in color, so obviously they didn't bleach them with chlorine.  They use polymer as an absorbent in their diapers, thus protecting against irritation and rashes on baby's skin.
Here's an interesting exert I found on about the polymer they use in the diapers:

"We use absorbent polymer (gel) in our diapers because it is the best method we have found for keeping babies dry and reducing diaper rash. Our exhaustive research on this gel has shown that it is non-toxic and safe for babies while helping keep them dry and comfortable. Independent scientific research on this chemically inert gel, sodium polyacrylate, has shown that it is non-toxic, not carcinogenic, and non-irritating to the skin."

  If you've had a baby who gets irritated skin easily, or rashes, this diaper is a great choice.   These were the softest of the all the environmentally friendly disposable diapers we used.  I think their softness is comparable to Pampers Cruisers and Huggies Supreme, both inside and out.  They were very absorbent and we didn't have one leak or blowout!  They have the stretchy tabs, but are much like the white cloud diapers in this aspect.  The stretch is on the front of the tab in an accordian style.  They also seem to have great coverage up the back and front, which is nice.   They run pretty true to size, maybe a big bigger.  We bought a size 3 for Rowan who is normally wearing a 4, so it's even better we didn't have a blowout.  This diaper also seems to give and move really well with baby.

Cons:  I really don't like how this diaper is brown.  The first few times I changed Rowan, I felt a little anxiety thinking he had pooped out of his diaper, only to remember that the diaper is brown.  There are other environmentally friendly diapers that don't bleach with chlorine and aren't brown.  I guess this is a minimal con though.  While I'm glad that they have stretchy tabs, I don't like the stretch on the front half of the tab.  The tabs are also sticky enough, but I think they could use some improvement too.    My only other issue, these diapers are expensive.  If I were to start diapering both my boys in these diapers today, it would cost $.40 a diaper for Rowan, and $.46 a diaper for Chan.  They both average 3-4 diapers a day.  I would be spending close to $85 a month on diapers which I think  is ridiculous.  Right now, I spend about $45, I couldn't imagine spending almost double!  If money weren't an issue, I would think about switching to these diapers.

The Bottom Line:  Great environmentally friendly diaper, good performance, but very expensive.

Price:  $12 for a jumbo pack
Price per diaper:
Size 1 - $.27
Size 2 - $.30
Size 3 - $.34
Size 4 - $.40
Size 5 - $.46
Size 6 - $.55

Where to Buy:, Amazon

Rating:  Great