Monday, January 19, 2009

Elimination Communication

I thought this review would fit perfectly as we have just finished up disposable diaper reviews.
Holly is a reader of babes and kids and was invited to write a guest post on Elimination Communication. I had never heard of this until I talked to Holly about it, and it seems that it has worked great for her.

"I first heard about EC when I was pg. I read this book called "The diaper Free Baby" At first I thought that can't work. Then Arora was born and I thought well I'll try it one time. So after a nap I took her to the potty make a cue sound (psss) and she went poop and pee! i was amazed! I thought wow that was a great coincidence, I decided to try it for the rest of the day . I watched her and when she would fuss or grunt I would take her to the potty and she went. After a few days I told my husband and he thought I was crazy, until he took Arora tothe potty and she went. We have had great succes . Arora now uses the Potty every day, some times we only use 1-2 diapers per day! Arora has started to crawl tothe potty when she need to go! It has been a great way to talk to Arora about her pottying needs, great way to save money on diapers and great to be able to share this with other mammas.

EC, elimination communication is a great way to communicate with your baby. The premise is that all mammal are born with a desire to not soil themselves, and can communicate when they need to "go". Just as you will learn when your baby is hungry and tired you can learn when he is telling you "mom I need to go!". The great think about EC is it is not an all or nothing practice, you can do it full-time ,part time or occasionally. When we moved we didn't "pee" her for a week but when we did again it was easy to get back in to the routine.
To get started you need to recognize when your baby is eliminating. If your baby is young (even newborn) it is easiest to do this by laying them naked on an absorbent towel or blanket, with a cloth or disposable diaper under them. When they go make a cue sound like "psss". Very quickly they will assocaite the sound withthe action. Almost all babies will need to go upon waking up in the morings and after naps. Simply take your baby to the potty, hold them over, or have them sit if able, make the cue sound and most likey baby will pee.
I would highly recommended this to any mom or dad who want to try it. Read the book, or look it up online. I bet if you try it for 2 days you will be impressed enough to continue it.
" - Holly

I also found another resource on Wikipedia for those of you who would be interested in learning more. If you have any questions for Holly, feel free to post them in the comments section!