Monday, November 24, 2008

Aveeno Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Aveeno has great line of bath and body products.  They also carry baby products - their diaper rash cream being one of them.

Pros:  I was so excited when I decided to try this product and realized it didn't have that potent smell that most diaper rash creams have.   It has zinc oxide which helps protect and create a barrier for baby's skin.  This is really important in treating and preventing diaper rash.  It  is a very creamy formula that goes on smoothly and wipes off nicely too, without leaving a residue.  It is fragrance free and hypoallergenic making it optimal for sensitive skin.  It also includes natural oat and willowherb essence which helps soothe on contact.  I have been pleasantly surprised everytime I have used this product on how effective it is in getting rid of diaper rash.  

Cons:  Sometimes this will not get rid of diaper rash completely, but I have only noticed this when Rowan has a yeast type diaper rash.  Yeast diaper rashes need to be treated a bit different anyway.  Any other time, it works wonderful.  It also tends to be a little more expensive than some brands, but a tube lasts a LONG time.

The Bottom Line:  Great diaper rash cream, definitely recommended, the one we use.

Price:  Around $5 for 3.7 ounces  

Where to Buy:  Target, Walmart

Rating:  Excellent


Tristan's Mom said...

So is it a lot better than Desitin and Balmex, you think?? I tend to think that if it has zinc oxide, they're all the same. But Tristan keeps fighting a diaper rash and he acts like the Desitin really bothers him. I would SO try this if you think it's better!

tiff snedaker said...

I really like it a lot better than Desitin :) JMHO...