Monday, November 17, 2008

Gerber Onesies

Onesies are a staple in every baby's wardrobe.  They are great for keeping baby warm, provide easy diaper changes and act great as an undershirt or a shirt by itself.

Pros:  Gerber Onesies come a wide array of sizes.  Starting at a preemie size and going up to a 4T, they have a wide variety of sizes.  (The bigger toddler sizes are harder to find and you usually have to buy them online)  They also come in a lot of cute colors and patterns and it seems like new ones come out at least once a year.  The way the neck is designed makes it easy to get the onesie over baby's head and makes for easy dressing.  A few years ago, they also started making these tagless which is nice.   When we bought our first pack of onesies when Chan was a baby, the tags would make him itch.  That problem is gone now with the tagless solution.  They are made of 100% cotton  and are fairly inexpensive, usually $8-10 for a 5 pack.

Cons:  After you wash these a few times, they start to pile.  I've also noticed that because they aren't a very thick stretchy cotton, they shrink and seem to get wider.  Because they shrink, you can't use them as long.  My boys both have long torsos and it seems with the Gerber onesies I am always stretching them to get them to snap at the bottom.  I know you can buy onesie extenders to prolong the life, but you shouldn't have to do this with a good onesie, right?  I didn't save any of Chandler's Gerber onesies for Rowan as the quality wasn't great.

The Bottom Line:  Ok product that does it's job, but thin material and shrinks easily.

Price: $8-10 for a 5 pack

Where to Buy:  Walmart, Target, Amazon

Rating:  OK



I agree... I preferred the carter's onesies with Zander.

Cassandra said...

I agree too, they shrink in length really bad. Maybe they have them in other colors, but all of ours are in white, so now they have weird stains too.