Thursday, November 6, 2008

GAP Sale

Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about sales and getting good deals.  I decided that if I saw a really good deal on baby or children products I would pass it on to those who are reading.    Gap  is having a sale - an extra 25% off sale  items.  Enter the code EXTRA  at the checkout.  (Will only work for sale items.) For those of you who have a store near you, this is in store too.  I LOVE  baby Gap clothes, they hold up extremely well, are great quality and super cute.  A lot of the baby clothes that I kept from Chandler to use for Rowan were Gap and they still look new.  I refuse to pay their high original prices though and will watch for sales like this one.  Enjoy!


Cassandra said...

I saw that in my email this morning and I was really excited...because I've had a few things in my shopping cart..just waiting for a sale lol. There website is down this morning though :(...also my code was EXTRA25