Friday, November 14, 2008

The Childrens Place Soft Soled Shoes

The Children's Place has soft soled shoes for babies, in 4 sizes starting in a newborn and going up to 18 months.  

Pros:  These are  great quality, and very soft.  They really move with baby's foot and come in a variety of sizes and colors.   The bottoms of course are soft soled, but many of the styles also have resin rubber flexes that provide traction for baby if they are pulling up or learning to walk.  As many of the competitor's soft soled shoes are slip ons, The Children's Place has slip ons, and some with velcro straps.  I like the idea of the velcro straps as they are easier to get on since you have more room when the velcro is undone.  They also seem a bit wider than other soft soled shoes which is great news for little babes with wide feet.  And last but certainly not least, they usually have some super cute styles that will compliment any wardrobe.  Watch for these on sale and you can get some great deals.

Cons:  Because they are a bit wider, if you don't fasten the velcro on these shoes, your baby will be able to easily get them off.  The first time I put a pair on Rowan, I didn't fasten the velcro straps very tightly.  He rubbed his feet together and had them off in about 30 seconds.  I put them on again and fastened them much tighter and didn't have this problem again.  They also seem a bit wide on his foot as well.

The Bottom Line:  Super cute shoes, well made, good traction

Price:  $9.50-$14.50 (regular prices depending on style of shoe)

Where to Buy:  The Children's Place - In Store or Online

Rating:  Great


Tristan's Mom said...

Those are adorable! I've had a tough time finding really cute ones where I've been so far, I might just have to check out TCP! Thanks!

Cory and Becca said...

I love those shoes they are so adorable! In regards to traction shoes, do you have a preference btwn them or soft soled?