Monday, November 10, 2008

Playtex Ventaire Bottles

Playtex VentAire bottles have a special design to reduce gas and colic in babies.  Playtex has been around for 75 years so did they get the bottle right?

Pros:  There are two different types of VentAire bottles - the standard and wide.  I have only had experience with the standard bottle so I will mostly be focusing on it.  I really like the unique shape of this bottle.  It helps keep the nipple full which is a great step in helping reduce the air that a baby swallows while eating.   Your baby can also eat sitting in more of an upright position with these bottles.   These are also very easy to clean as they unscrew at the top and bottom.  They are priced well and are not too expensive to try.

Cons:  I didn't like how these nipples were smaller and seemed to collapse quite easy.  After reading up about the wide vent aire bottles though, I think the wider nipple may have solved this problem.  Even though these bottles are easy to clean, because the bottom screws off, it is one more part you have to clean and put back together.   The first time using these bottles, the nipple flow seems VERY slow.  It does get better over time, but you want a bottle to perform from the start right? 

The Bottom Line:  Good Design and bottle.  I have talked to moms who love these bottles but I didn't care for them.

Price:  $2-3

Where to Buy:  Walmart, Target, Amazon

Rating:  OK


Cory and Becca said...

What do you think of the 'pee pee teepees'? Are they worth the investment for those little boy babes that have great aim?? :)


Christine said...

We used Ventair with Belle, and we loved them! It did the same thing as the bottles with liners, but you don't have to buy expensive liners. We still have all of them (which is a lot since she was bottle/formula fed) and we plan on using them again. :)

tiff snedaker said...

Becca- I've seen the pee pee teepees but haven't actually used them. I've seen a few friends get them at baby showers and think they are hilarious. More work to put them on while you are changing diapers than what they are worth though, lol. :) I've had my fair share of being peed on....
One of the joys of having a baby boy. Don't worry, they grow out of it when they are a few months old ;)

Tristan's Mom said...

I'm another satisifed mom who loves the VentAire bottles. We use the Wide, although they're a little harder to find than the standard size, for some reason. They came out with a new version when Tristan was about 3 months old - the new ones work even better, I think. I hate all the pieces, but they were SO wonderful when Tristan was struggling with colic.

Joel & Lila said...

Oh, I have experience with the peepee teepee and let me just say that I love it!! Really...up until Calvin was about two months old, he sprayed like crazy everytime his diaper was changed. I have a friend who used the peepee teepee so I knew of them. i got one as a gift (thankfully because the only place I have found them is in Motherhood Maternity and they are usually sold out). It is very nice to have especially when you are cleaning a poopy know, one that take four just put the teepee over the peepee and when the babe lets loose, instead of it getting in your face, his face, the wall, the pictures ect, it just gets soaked up in the teepee and runs down onto the diaper mat. The only down side is that if you have a wiggly baby, sometimes it is hard to keep on....and if the pee goes down the baby, his clothes might get wet. But, I honestly tell people to buy them all the time! Well worth it! (especially when you are in a store or traveling! Better safe than sorry or embarrassed!)