Monday, November 3, 2008

Gerber Biter Biscuits

Chances are if you've walked down the baby feeding isle at the store, you've seen a box of Gerber Biter Biscuits.  Designed for an older baby learning to self feed.  Here are some guidelines as given on the box if your baby is ready for biter biscuits:

*Crawls on hands and knees (with tummy up and off the floor)
*Eats thicker, lumpier foods with larger pieces
*Uses jaws to mash food with gums
*holds small food between thumb and first finger

Pros:  These come individually packaged which means they stay fresh.  They are easy to take on the go and nice to keep in your purse or diaper bag.  You get 12 to a pack which is a pretty good value for what you spend on them.  They are a hard, sweet cracker/cookie. I think they taste a little bit like a nilla wafer, so the flavor is actually pretty good. They are also thick which makes it easy for baby to hold onto.  The biscuit is great at keeping your little one occupied for a while and provides great teething relief.  They also have a cute design on the front with the Gerber imprinted on them.  Rowan, my 9 month old really seems to enjoy these.

Cons:  Although this isn't really that big of a con, I want to know who named them "biter biscuits."  It sounds like some sort of dog treat to me....don't you think? .....ok, getting back on track now. :)
Once your baby has gummed on one of these for a while, they start to get really mushy and extremely messy.  Little pieces come off which may pose a choking hazard, but are nothing to worry about if you are properly supervising your child.  They don't have much nutritional value, but I've learned that not a lot of these "baby snacks" have much to them.  45 calories per biscuit with just a few carbs, a little bit of sugar and salt and no real vitamins.  

The Bottom Line:  Good teething snack but messy, poor nutritional value

Price:  $2-3

Where to Buy:  Most major retail chains, grocery stores

Rating:  OK 


Cassandra said...

A friend of mine gave Mady one of these when she was was very sticky/messy...BUT she really enjoyed it. We might get them for a treat leaning more towards sounding like dog treat?

The Cederstrom's said...

I really don't like these, because of the mess. Sure the kid's enjoy them but if you don't have time to give them a bath after, then they just aren't worth it!! I learned the hard way that you NEVER want to give these to your kids while they are in the car seat, it will be plastered!!

Tristan's Mom said...

Tristan absolutely LOVES these, but like everyone said, they're ridiculously messy. I wanted to be able to take them on the go, but Tristan can't make it through one without needing a bath!

Holly Mayer said...

Arora loves these but I learned if you don't wash the bib/clothes soon they stain.


WIth our health science degrees, I have to agree with you about the nutritional value. There are a lot of other things kids can chew on that will be a lot more nutritionally dense. I liked using the mesh munchkin thingys & putting cold bananas in them for my little teether.