Monday, December 1, 2008

Huggies Natural Fit Diapers

Huggies Natural Fit Diapers are a step up from the normal Huggies Diapers.  They are designed to have a more contoured fit for baby.

Pros:  My favorite thing about these diapers are the fact that they have an hourglass shape rather than a straight fit like most diapers.  I also like that the back of the diaper is very stretchy, helping it hug around baby's waist more snugly.  The tabs are very stretchy and durable. They are very soft on the inside and out and have a cute Winnie the Pooh design.  In comparison to other diapers they run pretty true to size.   These diapers really hold a lot too!  They seem to breathe well and they've never caused diaper rash with either of the boys.  

Cons:  I don't feel that the tabs are all that sticky.  I've had them come undone on my boys and you don't want that as it creates a mess to clean up.  (That could be a little bit my fault as well - maybe I didn't close them well enough?)  I also feel like they don't have as much front coverage which you need for boys.  If my 3 year old sleeps on his belly at night sometimes he will leak out of these.  I'm sure if we went up a size it might fix this problem but he doesn't consistantly leak out of the top, just occasionally.  I also think that Huggies are somewhat "smellier" meaning my kids smell a lot stronger of urine in the morning when they wake up then other diapers.   They tend to be more expensive than generic brands but are slightly cheaper than Pampers Cruisers, which they are comparable to. 

The Bottom Line:  Huggies are a great diaper and do a good job for the most part.  

Price: $10 for  a jumbo pack, $20 for a box 
Average price per diaper:   (According to and
Size 1 - $.23
Size 2 - $.27
Size 3 - $.30
Size 4 - $.35
Size 5 - $.40
Size 6 - $.49
 (If you go to the Huggies site and sign up for their newsletter, they will send you Huggies coupons in the mail.)

Where to Buy: Walmart, Target, any grocery store,

Rating: Great

What other readers had to say about Huggies:

 "I really like Huggies. They have stretch wings so that the diaper can fit more snugly at the waist and the wings also make the diaper more "adjustable". They are really great for night, as they hold more than other diapers their size, so you don't have to wake up a sleeping baby just to change his diaper. They are one of the more expensive brands, but work well. We use these as Tristan's "night-time" diapers." - Jayme, mom to Tristan

"We've tried Huggies, Pampers, and a couple others and we had problems with the pee leaking through all the layers, with the cottony stuff sticking all over her bum, with the pee leaking out the front (if she sleeps on her tummy), etc." - Christine, mom to Belle

"After newborn stage---cheap diapers during the day (becuz you change them a billion times anyways) and huggies at night--they are softer and padded well for big potty messes." - Becca, mom to Christian

"We tried huggies a few times but they are very bulky on my daughter. " - Holly, mom to Arora


The Cederstrom's said...

This is my opinion on Huggies. If you have chubby kids, then Huggies work great. However, if you have skinny-no-butt kids like mine than huggies just don't do the job! Maybe it is because my kid's don't have chubby legs, but Huggies have never hugged my kid's close enough to not leak.