Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Catchy name for a diaper, isn't it?  When I bought these diapers , I was sure hoping I'd "luv" them more than the last time I used them for my 3 year old.  These diapers tend to be cheaper than Pampers and Huggies, but a dollar or two more than generic store brands or white cloud.

Pros:  These diapers are actually quite soft and remind me of the pampers baby dry.  Although they feel thin, I've come to realize that thin doesn't necessarily mean bad as the pampers brand tend to be thinner. They have the stretchy tabs which are very soft.   The tabs are very sticky and hold in place well. Their bearhug stretch is a step up from how they were made before....with no stretch.  They also have a cute Blue's Clues design on them.

Cons:  I wanted to believe in this diaper, I really did.  When I first pulled them out of the package, I couldn't believe how strong they smelled like baby powder.  Holly, a reader featured in a comment below also complained of the smell when she used them on her daughter.   I thought I could get over the smell if they worked well.  I put one on my  3 year old (Chandler) and let him run around in  just a diaper for a while.  Not even an hour later, I saw him squat down on the kitchen floor to play on a toy and poop oozed out the side, down his leg, and onto his sock.  I know you all appreciate the plethora of information I've just bombarded you with, but at least you'll start to get the drift of how I feel about these diapers.   Chandler has worn pampers cruisers for over a year and has had MANY horrible poopy diapers.  He has never once pooped out of a diaper like he did that day.  It was horrible, and made a big mess.  I also noticed after an hour the diaper was starting to leak a little bit.  Fast forward to the next morning.  Chandler has had a luvs diaper on overnight and comes to climb in bed with me after his dad has gone to work.  We lay there for a few minutes and I decide to get up and go get some breakfast going.  I go back to make my bed and notice Chan has leaked all over the sheets I had just washed the day before.   I went to change his diaper and right in the tub he went.  His whole tummy was wet and he smelled terrible.  I wondered if it was just a small fitted diaper and held it up to a pamper's cruiser diaper.  It is actually about the same size, maybe a tiny bit smaller.   Now I just have to resign myself to use the rest of the package and hope he doesn't poop out and leak again. Will I ever buy luvs again?  Absolutely not.  If a diaper isn't going to do it's job, why buy it?

The Bottom Line:  Sometimes you GET what you pay for ;) I probably wouldn't recommend this product to anyone!  To get a second opinion, read the comments at the end of this post.  It seems like they really do work for some moms.

Price:  $8 for a jumbo pack (#'s of diapers vary by size)

Where to Buy:  Any major retailer or grocery store.

Rating:  Terrible

"We also tried luvs but the smell was so bad I hated putting that much perfume on my kids bottom." - Holly, mom to Arora

"I used the Luvs brand for a while too, and they were fine." -Lila, mom to Calvin

"Luvs - Another diaper that I feel is better for some babies than others. They didn't really form to Tristan's waist, and a lot of times he leaked through the top of his diaper. They are a value money-wise, but didn't really work for us." - Jayme, mom to Tristan

"With two kids in diapers I will buy anything that is on sale. Luvs have been the best for my 2 year old boy." -Jamie, mom to Isaac & Isabella

"Our little angel wears Luvs size 4. I've tried them all and have found I like these the best for the money." -The Ball Family


The Nowling's said...

I recently tried Luvs again because they were out of Sean's size in Huggies and Pampers (go figure, size 4 is that popular). I am very pleased. He is loaded with Pee every morning and so far no leaks. These thin diapers are doing the job. I am not crazy about the smell but love that I can save $3 per pack of diapers.

The Cederstrom's said...

Luv's are not a skinny butt diaper. If you have seen my other posts you know that my kid's are skinny and these diapers are not good for them.