Friday, December 12, 2008

White Cloud Diapers

White Cloud Diapers are a generic type diaper that are specifically made for Walmart.   So how do they measure up? (Image from

Pros:  I was pleasantly surprised at how much these diapers hold.  After 3 night time feedings and 12 hours, they didn't leak.  We went through a whole package without one leak, so I was quite impressed!  They have a cute cloud design all over the diaper and accordian type tabs on the sides.  The price is pretty good on these diapers too.  Around $8 for a jumbo and $15 for a big box.  These were by far the best store brand of the ones that we tried.  They also have a wide variety of sizes which start at newborn and go up to a size 6.  They are also hypo-allergenic and Latex free.

Cons:  These diapers are pretty bulky.  After watching Rowan crawl around and pull up and cruise along the couch, I decided they don't move quite as well as other diapers we've tried.  Of course Rowan isn't complaining, but they just don't look as comfortable.  I'm not a huge fan of how the diapers stretch.  Most diapers that have the stretchy tabs have stretch to the whole tab.  These diapers only have stretch on the front 1/3 and it is an accordian type stretch which seems a little weird.  I didn't think these were very soft either, and don't look like they have quite as much coverage up front which could pose a problem for tummy sleepers.  

The Bottom Line:  Not my favorite diapers, but they seem to do the job and are cheaper than a lot of brands

Price - $8 for jumbo pack $15 for a box 
Price Per Diaper (If bought in a jumbo pack)
Newborn - $.12
Size 1 - $.14
Size 2 - $.17
Size 3 - $.20
Size 4 - $.24
Size 5 - $.27
Size 6 - $.30

Where to Buy:  Walmart

Rating: OK