Monday, December 22, 2008

Pampers Swaddlers

Pampers Swaddlers are the perfect name for what Pampers was trying to achieve with this newborn diaper.

Pros:  This is an extremely soft diaper and is perfect for delicate skin.  I worked on a Mom/Baby unit in a hospital for over a year and these are the diapers they carried.  The swaddlers we had in the hospital had a line on the outside of the diaper that changed when the baby had wet the diaper.  Pretty great for taking the guess work out when you have a fussy baby.  I used these with Rowan and Chandler and was not disappointed.  One thing that I had wished they had was a cutout for the umbilical cord so I didn't have to fold the diaper down.  After reading a comment from our reader and doing some research, I found out that the new Pampers swaddlers sensitive has the notch for the umbilical cord which makes this diaper that much more perfect.  They have the soft stretchy tabs which are very sticky and stay put!  They have a mesh liner on the inside like the Cruisers that pulls wetness away from your baby, thus helping with diaper rash.   They liner also has a gentle care lotion in it thus keeping your baby's skin nice and soft.  They have a cute sesame street design and offer great coverage.  They come in a variety of sizes as well:  Premie, Newborn, Size 1, Size 1-2, & Size 2-3.  

Cons:  These diapers are one of the most expensive newborn diapers, but the quality far outweighs the price.  The only other con about buying a newborn diaper that is more expensive is how often you are changing it.  I know we averaged 9-11 diapers per day until the boys were a month or two old.  I also wish that they carried this swaddler in a size 3.  Chandler was a 9 lb baby and Rowan was close to 9 lbs so they outgrew the swaddlers quickly.  I wished that they could stay in them longer, but they were both out of them by 3 months.  

The Bottom Line:  The BEST diaper for newborns

preemie -  $.32
newborn - $.24
Size 1-2 - $.18
Size 2 - $.23
Size 2-3 - $.28

Where to Buy:, Amazon

Rating:  Excellent

What other readers had to say about Pampers Swaddlers

For newborns: pampers swaddlers-they are have the little groove cut out for umb. cords like other newborn diapers, but they are SOFTEST on their precious new skin. The material feels softer and they elastic isn't uncomfortable around their legs. Downside-they aren't really thick. - Becca, mom to Christian

We like Pampers Swaddlers for NB size. - Christine, mom to Belle

We used Pampers swaddlers until Mady outgrew size threes, then we started trying out generic brands. - Cassandra, mom to Mady


Cory and Becca said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these diapers. My baby is 2 months old and I am still using them...they are very soft to the skin, snuggly, not bulky, and they hold the messes in well.

Cassandra said...

Obviously, I love these diapers. But I wanted to add, that I was able to afford them because I had just joined so I got a discount on top of them already being on sale, I don't think I ever paid more than .20/diaper for them. It was WORTH the money. Besides being a great, great diaper, I loved the way they smelled :)

Rebecca said...

I get them for .16/diaper at Sam's Club