Monday, December 29, 2008

Tendercare Diapers

Tendercare diapers are another eco friendly diaper. We decided to give them a go.

Pros: These diapers have great coverage and seem to run a bit big. I bought them in a size 4 which is supposed to be for babies that are 22-35 lbs. After comparing it to a few different diapers, I realized it looked more like a 5 and decided to use them on Chandler and Rowan. Although they are a plain white diaper, they don't use a chlorine bleach but a non-chlorine bleached woodpulp. They really seem to breathe well and we had no issues with any sort of diaper rash. Both boys wore these diapers overnight and didn't leak out of them. The outside of the diaper seems quite soft too. The tabs hold tight and we didn't have any problems with them coming off.
A few more pros of this eco diaper:
*Non Toxic
*Latex Free
*Perfume Free
These are all great for babies with sensitive skin.

Cons: This is yet another diaper that doesn't have the stretchy tabs, but the diapers were large enough and covered well enough that it wasn't too much of an issue. We did have one blowout with Chandler, but I figure that wasn't bad either as he was wearing a size 4. Actually, he wasn't EXACTLY wearing a size 4. It was actually a size "large" diaper. I find that weird where most diapers are categorized by size, that these aren't. Although the outside of the diaper felt soft, it was also a bit stiff, which I didn't like. These diapers are also quite expensive. We ordered a jumbo pack in a size 4 for $8.99 and only got 22 diapers. That doesn't last very long.

The Bottom Line: Great, reliable eco friendly diaper. Recommended for sensitive skin, although a bit expensive.

Price: (As noted on $8.99 per jumbo pack
Price Per Diaper
Small (6-14 lbs) - $.26
Medium (12-24 lbs) - $.37
Large (22-35 lbs) - $.41
Extra Large (27+ lbs) - $.50

Where to Buy:

Rating: Great