Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pampers Cruisers

Pampers Cruisers are one of the more expensive diapers on the market. Worth it? Keep reading and you'll find out.

Pros: Pampers Cruisers are an extension of the swaddlers. They start in a size 3 (16-28 lbs) and go up to a size 7. It's nice that they offer them in a size 7 for larger children, or those who are in diapers longer, as many brands don't offer this big of a size.  Pampers doesn't disappoint when it comes to coverage. I think the cruisers run a tad bit bigger than most brands meaning that your little one can stay in a smaller size longer, saving you money. My 3 year old is fairly tall for his age and these diapers have GREAT coverage in the front and back. They are incredibly soft on the inside and out and move really well with your child. They have an absorb away liner which pulls pee and poop away from your child, thus helping with diaper rash. Pampers has a cute sesame street design which my son gets excited about wearing too. The sides are extremely soft and stretchy creating a snug fit. The tabs are sticky and I have NEVER had them come undone in the 18 months that we have been using them.  You can fasten and unfasten them, and they are still just as sticky.  I can count on my hands the number of times my boys have blown out of the Cruisers which is ALWAYS fixed by going up a size.  I can't rave enough about these diapers. 

Cons: These diapers are pricier than most but I feel that can be quickly outweighed by the fact that you will be doing less laundry.   I've heard some don't like the pampers because they are thinner and they seem soggier.  I like the fact that they are thinner as it means there is less bulk on your child, allowing them to move more freely.  They do seem a little soggy in the morning, but hey they DON'T leak.  Worth the extra money?  Absolutely.

The Bottom Line: My favorite diaper and the one I would choose if I were a baby/toddler.  :)

Price: $11 for a jumbo pack,  $21 for a box  (Price per diaper is based on a box, which is what I usually buy them in.  I almost always have a coupon too.  Watch for them in your Sunday paper.  They also have pampers coupons on the back of cheerios boxes right now, and if you shop at Walgreens or Albertsons, coupons print out at the register when you buy them for a future purchase.) Price per diaper is before coupons.

Size 3 - $.27
Size 4 - $.31
Size 5 - $.35
Size 6 - $.43
Size 7 - $.47

Where to Buy: Target,, Walmart, Most Grocery Stores

Rating: Excellent

What other readers had to say:

We've tried Huggies, Pampers, and a couple others and we had problems with the pee leaking through all the layers, with the cottony stuff sticking all over her bum, with the pee leaking out the front (if she sleeps on her tummy), etc. -Christine, mom to Belle

Pampers - I feel like Pampers are much better for baby girls than they are for boys. I love their texture, and they seem more comfortable, but they just do not hold up to a lot of liquid in the front. Tristan was constantly leaking out of his Pampers diapers - on him, on me, on the furniture - from birth. We tried them again at every size change, but it was the same situation over and over. - Jayme, mom to Tristan

"I have three children. For my first child and last child the very best diapers are Pampers. " - Fran, mom to 3

 "We normally use Papers baby dry. they are nice and trim and what I like best is i can fasten and unfasten then a lot and they stick stick.. no other brand I have tried does that ( ok not many people need this feature but it is nice for us:) )
Also if you use an alberston card you always get a ton of pampers coupons!" Holly, mom to Arora