Thursday, September 25, 2008

Boon Squirt

From first looking at the title of this post, you probably aren't sure what to expect. However, when I saw this product and what it was used for, I knew I had to have it. Boon is dedicated to innovative products and anything that makes my life easier is great.

Pros: This is a one handed feeding spoon. There are only 2 pieces. You unscrew the orange part to put baby foods in, and screw it back onto the clear plastic spoon part. This works great with 1st, 2nd and some 3rd baby foods. It also works well with rice cereal that isn't made too thick as the spoon is designed for purees. There is a small hole in the bottom of the spoon to let the food through. All you do is squeeze the orange part and more food is dispensed into the spoon. I like how the spoon is angled so you always have purees ready to come into the spoon part. As many moms know, when your little one is hungry, they want it now. This spoon is great for quicker, less messy eating. It is also incredibly easy to clean and is dishwasher safe on the top rack. It makes feeding time so much cleaner as well. There is also a removable cap that goes on the spoon part which makes this spoon ideal for the diaper bag and eliminates jars and other baby food containers. When you are done feeding baby on the go, put the cap back on, and throw it back in the diaper bag. No messes, I love it. It also comes in pink in addition to the orange.

Cons: I wish I would have found this spoon sooner because it doesn't work with chunky foods. Therefore you can't use it as long as you'd like. The spoon is also a little deep making it somewhat hard sometimes when baby is trying to get all of the food from it.

Bottom Line: Great investment, easy to use, recommended from about 4 months.

Price: $7.99

Where to Buy: Amazon

Rating: Great


Tristan's Mom said...

That sounds awesome!! Now I just have to have one... I've been looking for an easier solution for baby food on-the-go. Thanks!!

The Bluths said...

Ooh I'm very interested in trying this. I'll have to go look for one!

Shay said...

I LOVE THIS SPOON!!!!! We bought it for our second child, and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It is SO easy to put your food in it BEFORE leaving the house, and just carry around the spoon full of baby food. No bowls, no other spoons, no cans of baby food. LOVE this.