Friday, September 5, 2008

BumpyName Orbit Labels

I received these BumpyName Orbit Labels from my friend Sara as a baby gift. I had never seen them before but what an innovative idea. They remind me of the rubber bracelets that everyone wore for a time that were so popular. They are perfect for bottles, sippy cups, travel mugs, and smaller food containers. It seems that they would be ideal for children who go to daycare. We put a label on Rowan's sippy cup about 3 months ago when I first started introducing a cup.

I've never taken it off and have washed it in the dishwasher and put it in the microwave countless times. It hasn't faded or stretched out and is such a cute accessory. It also features Braille which I thought was a cool plus.

You can order them at the Inchbug Site. They do have preprinted labels with some children's names for $8.95 + $4.95 shipping. However, if your child's name is less common, (neither Chandler or Rowan were on there, which are my two boys) you can order custom labels which run $12.95 for 1 line of text or $13.95 for two lines of text, plus shipping costs. I do think the custom labels are a little expensive considering they are like a small rubber bracelet. Overall though, a great product!



Jeff and Sara Birch said...

I also got some for Jonas and can't wait to use them! I think your blog idea is AWESOME! I love finding new baby products! I'm always looking in my magazines for new and innovative baby items. I found the name labels in Parents magazine and the "By your side" seat that I got for Jonas in American Baby. This will be another great resource for me to check.

Holly Mayer said...

Hey tiff, great idea! I always try to be an informed consumer and love that my friends and just other moms are too.

hbrekkaas said...

Those are so cool. I have never seen those before, but what a great idea.

Tristan's Mom said...

I saw those in a magazine and have really wanted some ever since Tristan started daycare. I hated to pay that much but then, I guess his name will ALWAYS be Tristan, right? Haha. If you say they hold up well, then I think I'm off to make my next purchase! :)

Holly said...

What an awesome idea! I'm heading over right now to search for Amanda's name! :)