Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gerber Sippy Cups

Gerber has been around a long time - since 1927 to be exact. They have a great informational website, a wide array of products, and lo and behold, sippy cups!

I am going to be looking at a few different cups - The Fun Grips Color Change & The Sip & Smile line. (There are other cups available, but these are the cups we have used)

Fun Grips Color Change

Pros: These cups are fairly easy to grip as the middle of the cup has ridges. It is shaped like an hourglass making it smaller in the middle and easy for little hands to hold. The valve actually does a pretty decent job and creates a good flow for your child. The valves are shaped in an oval and are made of a hard plastic. The actual valve is a soft silicone. It is easy to clean and easy to take out and put back in. We had a couple of these cups for about a year and I was impressed with how well the valve held up. I only had to replace them once. You can buy replacement valves at many of the same retailers that sell the cups. The cup changes color depending on if there is hot or cold liquid in it which is a fun plus. Like most cups, it is dishwasher safe on the top rack.

Cons: The shape of this cup is not ideal as it will not fit in a cup holder or the holders in a diaper bag. In this particular cup if you don't put the valve in tightly, it will fall out into the cup, thus causing the cup to leak. It's not the greatest teething cup either. If your toddler chews on it, it leaves permanent indents in the spout.

Price: Around $4.00 per cup

Where to Buy: Walmart,, Amazon, Target

Rating: Ok

Sip and Smile Soft Spout

I don't think this particular cup has been out very long and I was anxious to try it with Rowan.

Pros: One of my favorite features of this cup is how it angles up and forward. It almost looks like the back of the cup has melted but in essence it is to help babies so they don't have to work as hard to tip the cup, and don't have to put their head as far back. The handles on this cup are also great - they are rubberized and very easy to grip. The designs and colors for this cup are very cute and it is somewhat see through so you can see how much liquid is still left in the cup. Gerber has realized their problem with the valve in this cup and has made the valve better so it stays in place and won't come out with the cup is dropped or thrown. No matter how you put the lid on with this cup, it always lines back up to the front which is convenient with how it angles. The spout is a very soft silicone and wonderful for teething. You can see another picture of this cup (Rowan's) in this post.

Cons: For babies, it is hard to suck out of at first, but most cups with this type of valve are. I simply keep the valve out until they get the hang of it and then incorporate the valve.

Price: Around $4.00 or $7.49 for a two pack

Where to Buy: Walmart,, Amazon, Target

Rating: Excellent
(Definitely Recommend this product)

Sip and Smile

Pros: This is a great basic cup. I love the shape of the spout, small and slender for little mouths. The valve stays in great and the lids are interchangeable with the soft spout cups. Cute designs, dependable cup. They come in a 7 or 9 oz size. The spout is hard, designed for an older baby or toddler. We've had these sip and smiles for over a year and they have held up great.

Cons: Valve may leak after a period of time

Price: $4.00 or $7.99 for a 2 pack

Where to Buy:
Same as above

Rating: Excellent


Erin said...

I do love Gerber. But I haven't tried these cups yet. Looks like I'll have to give them a try next time!

The Cederstrom's said...

The Gerber cups have always been my favorites, cause they have held up a lot better than anything else I have tried. The only other ones that I have used as much are the cheapy disposable ones.

Tristan's Mom said...

I've been eyeing the Gerber cups for a while now, but just couldn't decide whether I should try them or not. It sounds like they're a great buy!