Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Little Tikes Bathketball

Just saying it, "Bathketball"  makes you feel like a little kid again.  I know you are silently saying it to yourself this very minute, right? :)  I was looking for new bath toys for Chandler right around his 2nd birthday.  I found this at Walmart and decided to give it a try.

Pros:  It is a very cute toy and quite sturdy.  It is about 3 inches wide and has a hard plastic rim.  The net has a drawstring at the bottom so when you are done with the toy you can put the balls in it and keep them there until next bath time.  It comes with 3 cute balls that squirt water and have silly faces on them in a basketball design.  The suction holds up really well.  I was surprised at how well it holds even on uneven surfaces.  Chandler loves this toy too.  Rowan is starting to like it as well even though it is for older kids.  It has 3 spinning beads on it that he likes to play with. 

Cons:  Like any "squirt" bath toy you can only have these for so long.  After a few months, stuff started coming out with the water...aka mold :(  I tried cleaning them out with a disinfectant but it's not like you can get inside to actually wipe it down, so we threw the little balls away.  I did find other balls that he could use it with though.  The net is also a little long and it is easy for other toys to get stuck in it as well as little boy arms.  Yes, we've gotten those stuck too.   Chandler also gets frustrated when he can't get something through the narrow bottom end of the net.  The net gets grimy too.

The Bottom Line:  Very cute toy and fun to play with but design is not 100% kid proof.  Good for ages 2+

Price: $8-$15 depending on location

Where to Buy:  Walmart, Toys R Us, Amazon

Rating:  OK


Cassandra said...

ew Now I must make sure there isn't mold growing in Mady's favorite bath toy, her pink ducky, which is the kind with the hole in the bottom. Good thing they're only 75 cents.

Sara Birch said...

Carson had this toy too! He loved it, but it went bye-bye when we moved to the Village because there was mold in the "squirt" balls and the net had started to turn this orangey color. It really is a great toy and I'll probably invest in another one for Jonas. The suction cups really do hold up well.