Friday, September 19, 2008

Shoo Shoos

I don't understand why manufacturers make hard soled shoes for babies.  Rowan has a couple pair and he hates when they are on his feet.  They are clunky, get in the way, and he tries to get them off.  When Chandler started walking and we put hard soled shoes on him, he fell down - a lot.  I wish I had bought a pair of soft soled shoes like shoo shoos for him.

Pros:  These are made of 100% nappa leather and are great quality.  Shoo Shoos has a lot of different designs to fit any child and any outfit.  They hold up extremely well and wipe clean with a damp cloth.  Rowan can move his little toes and they don't get in the way of him trying to crawl or pull up next to things.   They have an elastisized ankle which keeps the shoe on and a non slip sole. Plus his feet are protected.  I ordered him a size medium (6-12) and I think it is comparable to a size 3 shoe.  When we got the shoos in the mail they were in this clear handbag, how cute is that?  Plus the Shoo Shoos site has great sales, their Fall clearance right now!  They are stylish, comfortable, and hold up well.  If you order from the website, all 

Cons:  The elastic in the shoe can cut into little ankles if they are chubby like my little guys.  He doesn't complain about it but he has nice little indents after we take them off.  I also think that regular price, $19.95 is a little much for a shoe that they will only wear for a few months.  Although I know there are other brands like pediped & Robeez that are much more expensive.

Price:  $19.95 ($10.95 on sale!)  + $2.50 shipping

Where to Buy:  Shooshoos site

Rating: Excellent