Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Playtex Sippy Cups

When it comes to sippy cups, Playtex has a lot of options.  There is a stage one with handles, stage two without handles but still in a smaller 6 oz size, stage 3 in a larger size, stage 4 the straw cup and a tumbler as well. I'm mainly going to be focusing on the stage 3 & 4 cups as those are the cups we have had and used.

The Sipster Spill Proof Cup:

Pros:  These all come in a slender design which are great for the stroller or car.  They fit perfectly.  Some of them come with popular Disney designs which are a must have for some toddlers.  They have one that is an insulator to help keep drinks cool longer, and also a cup that you can create your own design.  They are a good basic cup.  

Cons:  The spout is somewhat of a square shape.  Most kids probably don't care  about that, but trying to drink out of it myself, it seems a little awkward.   I'm also not a huge fan of the valves.
 It is a two sided plastic valve which fits into the spout on one side and a random hole on the other sides.  We only used these cups for 3 months and in that time I went through 6 valves between the 2 cups.  After a few weeks of use they would start leaking.  I washed them by hand and mostly let hot water run through them so it seems a bit strange how easily they would start leaking.  And when you are buying valves at $2.50 for a two pack, you might as well just buy a whole new cup.  

Price: $6.00 - $8.00 for a two pack

Where to Buy:  You can buy them singly at a great price on Amazon  I've also seen them at Walmart & Kmart.


The QuickStraw Cup:

Pros:  This is a great cup if your child is having troubles with a sippy cup but will suck out of a straw.  It's still spill proof even though they are sucking out of a straw.  It's very easy to get liquid up out of the straw as well.  The cap on the cup closes over the cup keeping the straw sanitary.  It's also fairly easy to clean as long as you don't liquids like milk sit too long in it.  (Who hasn't done that before and found the cup a month later ;)  )  You can also buy the sport straw cup with an insulator to help keep your drinks cooler longer.  I was pleasantly surprised after many months of use how the liquid still did not spill out.

Cons:  I don't have many complaints about this cup.  However, the straw can get quite grimy looking, especially if you child chooses to chew on the straw often.  

Price:  Around $5.00 per cup

Where to Buy:  Walgreens, Amazon, Walmart



Justin and Ashley McDermott said...

Hey Tiffany,
I love your new blog! It's a great idea. I bought a sippy cup similar to the playtex ones with the hard plastic on top. At first Jack would just chew on the top and it got all scratched up with his teeth. He soon did not like using it. It also leaked which is not good when Jack throws his sippy cups. Now we use the Nuby Sippy Gripper Cup with a silicone top and no valve. Jack loves this sippy cups and they don't leak unless Jack throws them and then liquid squirts out. Hopefully soon he learns not to throw his sippy cup!

Ashley Hancock said...

I also have tried several different types of sippy cups! I have only found one that is 100% leakproof, and it is made by nalgene. Playtex isn't too bad though. Gerber is the worst for leaks!

Cassandra said...

I have a friend whose son turns 2 on Thursday. I think I'm going to get him one of these...he still only takes a bottle...no sippy cups. BUT he has no problem stealing people's drinks with straws!

tiff snedaker said...

Ashley - funny you should mention the nalgene cups - one of my reviews later in the week!

The Cederstrom's said...

The sippy cups are alright... I haven't had as much trouble with them leaking, but I do hate the valves. They tend to get things in them and don't clean very well.

Tristan's Mom said...

Very cool! Tristan can't suck out of a straw yet, but it's definitely something to keep in mind for when he can.

Erin said...

I have mainly used the playtex sippy cups, they have worked fairly well for me. But anything with a straw involved usually means more pieces to clean and it's hard to put back together. At least from my experience!