Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nuby Sippy Cups

I hadn't ever heard of the Nuby brand until I was wandering through Walmart looking for cups when Chandler was about 6 months old.  After the Avent cups failed, I noticed that the Nuby cups were very affordable so I decided to give them a go.  Like other cups, Nuby has a trainer cup, a larger one without handles, and a straw cup.

The Gripper Cup

Pros:  This cup has a great contoured design with ridges making it easy for little hands to hold.  It comes in a 10 oz size which holds quite a bit.  I like that there are only 3 parts to this cup.  The silicone top, the screw on cap, and the cup.  The valve is also really convenient as you don't have to take it out to clean it, it is built right into the cup. Inside the spout, there are 3 small slits.  When a child sucks, the slits open causing liquid to flow out, and then close again when the child is done drinking.  These are awesome trainer cups for small babies who don't quite get how to suck with a regular spill proof valve.   The silicone is extremely pliable and is great for babies who are teething.  I also feel it is the closest silicone to a bottle nipple, thus making it easy to transition from a bottle.  

Cons:  Even though this cup doesn't have the "take out" valve, I've had problems with the cup leaking after a while.  Chandler used to chew on the spout thus causing the slits in the valve to tear.  After this, the cup wasn't spill proof anymore.  Also over time the cup will leak when you turn it upside down.  I have noticed you can buy replacement valves, or the silicone tops to these cups separately now.

Price: $3.00 - $4.50 per Cup

Where to Buy: Walmart (in store), Amazon, Nuby Sippy Cup Site

Rating: Great

No Spill Cup with Soft Spout

This cup has the same specifications as the gripper cup with a little bit different design.

Pros:  Easy hold handles.  Same great silicone spout.

Cons:  Cup is extremely wide and lid is hard to put on.  The cup is so round it seems a bit awkward for baby to hold.

Price:  $4.00 - $5.00 per cup

Where to Buy:  Same as above

Rating: Ok

Nuby 12 oz Mega Sipper

This cup is somewhat like the Playtex one that I reviewed in that it is a straw cup.  We used this one for quite a while with Chandler and he loved the straw.

Pros:  Same silicone spout and valve.  Top slides open and shut to  keep straw sanitary.  Easy to clean.

Cons:  Valve deteriorates over time and can rip.  The top doesn't always slide smoothly, at least it didn't on the cup we had.  

Price:  Around $5.00 for one cup

Where to Buy:  Same as above

Rating: Great


Tristan's Mom said...

The Nuby is what we're using now... those lids really are hard to put on for some reason, but Tristan is at least able to get the drink out. I didn't realize they had bigger ones, we'll have to try those as well. Thanks for the reviews, they're great! :)

Erin said...

I've also tried the gripper cup, but stopped when I accidently melted a lid in the dishwasher. oops! And again the ones with the straws I've used (this brand actually) and it was a pain to take all the straw pieces apart and then put them back together again when it's clean.

Jeff and Sara Birch said...

I loved using the Nuby for Carson. The soft spout was great, but they do start to leak if they are chewed on.

The Cederstrom's said...

I have found that any of the sippy cups with the soft silicone top tend to leak. They are good until kid's get teeth, then they are just to easy to bite off.