Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder

I first started using these with Chandler. They were hard to find at the time and I only knew about them as my sister informed me of them. It seems like you can find these just about anywhere now.

The basis of this product is to allow your child to enjoy all sorts of foods without posing a choking hazard. The product design includes a mesh bag and a lid with a rubberized teething ring that snaps shut. They are easy to hold onto and are a good size for little hands. I have put all sorts of foods in these including, bananas, apples, ice, peaches, pears, raw vegetables, and more I'm sure that I can't think of now. It has let my babies enjoy fresh foods without the hazard of choking. It is also wonderful for teething if you put an ice cube in it. You can put this in the dishwasher on the top rack and they hold up fairly well. We are using the same feeder with Rowan that we used with Chandler. They are recommended for use from about 6 months.

Cons: I've heard many people complain that these are extremely difficult to clean. I've also read other reviews that have this complaint as well. I don't think they are that difficult to clean, as long as you do it while the food is still fresh. Of course if you let food dry in it, it is going to be difficult to clean out, I think bananas are the worst. However, if you rinse the bag right after baby is done with it, it is fairly easy clean up. The cap is a little hard to open too, but I would assume that it would be difficult to open as you don't want your baby to be able to open it.

Price: $2.99 - $4.99 depending on where you buy them.

Where to Buy: I've seen these at most retailers and grocers. You can also buy them online at Amazon and Drugstore

Rating: Excellent


Tristan's Mom said...

Tristan LOVES his food feeder! We don't use it as much now that he's self-feeding, but he loved it for fruits in the beginning. It's okay to clean out, but NOT dishwasher friendly, apparently.

Cassandra said...

This was a great thing to have when we started Mady on solids. Her favorite has been banana, which unfortunately has been a pain to clean because we aren't the best at getting at it right away. I haven't tried ice in them though, I hope that will help with her teething.

Sherrie said...

My kids never had the time for these feeders. They wanted the real thing in hand. When I would try and feed them from the feeder they would just pull a face and refuse to use it. It maybe the filling of the mesh in their mouths. I have tried with my last three, and none of them used them.