Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Bjorn Original Carrier

"Baby Wearing" is becoming more and more popular. It seems like I'm seeing lots of parents with carriers, slings, and wraps. I used my friend's baby bjorn for a few days with Chandler and knew I wanted to have one when I had Rowan.

Pros: The support for this carrier is excellent. I have used other carriers such as the snugli which is much cheaper but doesn't have near the support. It has wider padded straps which help distribute the weight of baby. It's also very easy to put your baby in by yourself which is a must. The front of the carrier completely opens so that you don't wake baby up when getting them out. I like how your baby can face against you while young and have support while feeling cradled and warm. When baby gets older they can face outward and the top of the carrier can be folded down so baby can look around and interact with others. There is a size adjustment strap on the bottom of the carrier that grows as baby does. You can use this carrier from 8-25 lbs and from 21 inches. This also washes up really nicely and keeps looking new after lots of use. I used this from the time Rowan was born, and are still using it at 8 months. (He's about 19 lbs right now) It is VERY durable and holds up.

Cons: I remember wishing that this carrier had support around the waist as most of the weight is on your shoulder. Baby Bjorn now makes these with a waist strap, although the one I have doesn't have it. It is a bit tricky to figure out this carrier at first if you don't throughly read through the instructions. If you read through them, however and practice putting it on before you use it it isn't bad.

The Bottom Line: Great carrier and worth the investment.

Price: $79.99, but I know you can find these cheaper. I watched for sales and got mine for $40 off Amazon

Where to Buy: Amazon, Target

Rating: Great



Love my Baby Bjorn! I got the "active" style & it seems to support my back really well by bringing some of the weight to my abs- good for getting those back in shape! It comes in lots of colors now too, which is nice.

amanda said...
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amanda said...

The Ergo is so much more comfortable, especially for larger/older babies. You can use it into toddlerhoood. Everyone I know who got a Bjorn regretted it and ended up buying an Ergo by the time their baby was about 4 months old.